My Expectations Assignment

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My expectations of basic writing 3. Taking this Basic Writing 3 class is very exciting to me. I am looking forward to remembering things that have been forgotten and learning things that were never taught. I have not done this in over ten years. I am excited about what is to come and the goals I will achieve this term. My expectations from this class are to learn from my instructor and work with my classmates so I can become a better writer. Over the next nine weeks I am expecting to learn the skills neccessary to become a better writer. I expect to have homework everyday, but I hope its just once a week.

If I have questions or concerns about any assignments I expect not to be afraid to ask. During this class I plan to participate in group activities. Upon completion of this term I am hoping to get an above average grade. To achieve these personal goals it will be important that my instructor teaches me these skills. I am relying on her to help me when I need it, to challenge me to use proper grammer and to correct my mistakes. This positive instruction and constructive critizism will enable me to grow as a writer. It will be equally important that my fellow students participate in this process.

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I am looking forward to their participation in group activities. If I am absent I will need them to inform me of the assignments I missed. I would expect that if they needed an assignment they could ask me as well. I hope that everyone in class is respectful and considerate of one another as we all learn together. These are my expectations for the next nine weeks of Basic Writing. Yes it’s going to be hard, and we can’t do it by ourselves. There are going to be challenges and it will take a lot of determination to complete this course. Lets all work together as a group to become better writers.

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