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Victoria Moore is an interesting and established human whose love of the arts got her where she is today. She works at SUNY Brockport full time and is well known in her department. Both the public and I know her to be creative, friendly, and a great teacher. Her work goes beyond the classroom through her own projects and artistic creations.

When she is not in the classroom, she is grading papers, preparing new assignments, looking for class examples, responding to emails, ordering supplies, and, her personal favorite, working on her own jewelry and utensil line. Victoria Moore loves to make her own artistic pieces. This is what intrigued her most of her field of study and what made her start her own production of jewelry that was later put on the internet to be sold. While going to college she was always “Nutty-passionately pursuing” what interested her while falling down on what didn’t.

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She became a professor at SUNY Brockport because she wanted to be part of a community that pushed her to learn more about what she does. She wanted the consistency of having to be somewhere a few days a week while at the same time creating lasting relationships with others. Now, after becoming a professor, she gets to know her students and how they live. She feels she has a positive impact on hew they view their world in the future. In the classroom, she enjoys seeing students that are well behaved with an open mind and heart.

She really enjoys seeing that the student is trying to absorb him or herself in the class and the different environment that is being presented to them. To Professor Moore, “good learning” is when a learner takes in enough in the class to make a real decision about the topic at hand. Also, knowing how to pursue it further contributes to their “good learning. ” She is an advocate for expanding the minds of the young by introducing new, multidimensional, hands-on projects that can build their abilities even if art is not their strong point. To any first year student, she would tell them to come to class ready to participate.

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