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Although walk-in consultations are sometimes available, students with appointments will receive priority assistance. Appointments may be made in person or by calling 895-3908. The student’s Rebel ID Card, a copy of the assignment (if possible), and two copies of any writing to be reviewed are requested for the consultation. More information can be found at: http:// Herrington. Null. Du/ * Refillable – By policy, faculty and staff should e-mail students’ Refillable accounts only. Refillable is Unless Official e-mail system for students. It is one of the primary ways students receive official university communication such as information about deadlines, major campus events, and announcements.

All NULL students receive a Refillable account after they have been admitted to the university. Students’ e-mail prefixes are listed on class rosters. The suffix is always @Null. Nevada. Du. Objectives to Be Introduced During Writing Projects Once a skill is introduced in one writing project, you will be expected to apply that skill in each successive writing project. Writing Project One: Personal Expression I Course Objectives * To plan and organize an essay by working through your writing process * To benefit from peer response to your writing * To identify and understand the audience and purpose in writing * To edit final drafts for format, structure, grammar, and mechanics I Critical Reading

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Objective * To identify the main idea in a passage of nonfiction prose (at various levels ranging from the paragraph level to the essay level) I Writing Objectives – Rhetorical Strategies * To use personal experience as evidence by selecting specific details that support a thesis and create a unified focus Writing Objectives – Editing Tasks * To eliminate fragments, comma splices, fused sentences * To eliminate spelling errors * To apply ML guidelines for document design I Writing Project Two: Analysis I Course Objectives * To develop effective critical reading skills through close analysis of texts I Critical Reading Objective * To identify and classify various rhetorical elements in a passage of nonfiction prose, such as thesis, definition of key terms, supporting evidence, acknowledgement of opposing viewpoints, rebuttal of opposing viewpoints, transitions, personal example, textual evidence, statistics, etc.

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