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For this assignment I chose “Paralleled” from L’ Airlessness Suite no. 2: Georges Baize (1137). Listening to this piece with both listening guides I choose the Connect Carmine guide as best for myself. Both guides show in detail breakdowns of the music. But following along in the book was harder for me. Seeing it in front of me using the Connect Examine listening guide showed each section broken down by seconds as did the text book only thing different was that it also went down the steps as it was happening. Such as high lightening each change once it took place.

That alone made it easier for me to follow along with the music. It also helped me stay focused on the music instead focusing on the book and keeping time to notice the upcoming changes that were about to take place. Using the listening guide also helped me to distinguish each instrument. If I was to hear the music on my own riding in my car I could probably pick out the violin that’s about it only because I played a little growing up. This type of music is not what I am used to hearing mostly gospel, and R&B. Vive never really listened to music without words.

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But now that I have, I can honestly say hat I will be listening to it more often than usual. Thirty seconds in the music piece I was tapping my foot and moving my fingers on my desk to the rhythm of it. After it was over I found my co-worker staring at me, she then asked was I okay loll. The part I liked most was at C (1:45) and 4 (2:19). The section C (1:45) reminded me of childhood, watching cartoons. And part 4 (1:45) for the same reason. The rhythm reminded me watching cartoon during the part where a bad part or ending was coming having you on your seat waiting impatiently to see whets going to happen ext.

In my house as a kid watching cartoons was the highlight of the weekend and summer. My grandmother raised me so there were always soap operas or game shows on constantly. Except Saturday mornings and summer days when granny had to work which made plenty of time for us to watch Loony Tunes, Fragile Rock, and Snuffs, Etc. Listening to the music piece using the Connect website helped me hear the difference between monophonic, polyphonic, and homophobic textures in the music. Took me a couple times listening over and over but I feel like I have an understanding of it.

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