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When the keyboardist would improvise chords at moments the bass line. Sometimes the composer would put symbols above the notes so the keyboardist would know what chord to play at that point, this is known as Figured Bass. Walking Bass- where all the notes are all the same length same rhythm Ground Bass- where a certain amount of notes are repeated throughout the whole piece. Appeal’s Cannon probably my favorite classical piece, do this for the listening assignment

Concerto (Genre): there would be one soloist and then a baroque orchestra. -Allegro non molt: fast but not too fast -Largo: slow -Allegro: Fast Not supposed to clap until the very end Concerto Gross: it has more than one soloist, usually 2. -Most Concerti have 3 movements Retooling Form: Retooling form refers to the way in piece of music begins which a phrase or paragraph that repeats itself. In Baroque music, riotousness were the term used to define a recurring passage for orchestra in the first or final movement of a solo concerto. Retooling solo 1 (Retooling) solo 2 solo 3 solo 4 ETC.

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Fugue- the first section of a fugue is called a exposition because it exposes all of the musical material that will be used in the piece. Each fugue starts with a single voice singing a part called the subject, the first melody you hear, then after a while another voice comes in singing the subject. The composer can use as many voices as they want but each new voice has to state the subject. While the voices state the subject composer can arrange this however they want. -the second part of a fugue is called a episode. This is where they take whatever you heard before in the exposition and sees with it. Then the subject will return after the episode -Then there is another episode -Then the subject comes back -Then another episode -ETC. Till the composer thinks they are done (subject) (other Melody) Voice 1 Voice 2 Voice 3 Voice 4 A voice will go will go on for a certain amount of measures or time then the 2nd voice will come in. If the same time goes by and no voice come in that’s called a bridge then eventually the 3rd voice will come in. This could happen with the rest of the voices if there are any. Voices are not the human voice, it is instruments

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