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The effects Of noise, ranging back from when we first hear are mother lullaby us to sleep, lays a dramatic effect into our psyche and how we may feel at the time. Take a look at movies for instance, where music is used in many cases to set the stage. It can sadden or excite the audience at large who may have had a different emotional reaction to a certain scene if a particular composition wasn’t chosen for that time. Many horror movies have an even more grimacing viewing environment due to the eerie, dark music that is commonly played before a murder scene.

When a romantic scene is shown with intimate contact between the two actors/actresses, a love ballad being played ay serve to help the viewer identify with how the people in love may be feeling. One can say that music brings a “nostalgic” sense, even if you are transported to the memory or feeling for just a glimpse of time. Music also connects with many areas of life pertaining to certain topics like exercise which one might not expect. For a power-lifter who is trying to bench press bass at a meet, you’re probably not going to find him listening to “The Beach Boys” in his warm up.

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A musical composition that is aggressive and heavier in sound would most likely be more suitable due to the nature of that sic being able to vamp up a crowd with its raw emotion. This works the other way around as well. A class of fitness gurus trying to meditate or do a session of yoga would probably be playing some tunes that are more serene. Some music brings with it a very mellow and atmospheric state due to the soothing sounds that the instruments are producing and this in turn can help certain people achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

Rhythm is the most influential musical element regarding the effect on one’s mood. The rhythm and tempo of a song are closely related to each other and OTOH of these elements have a strong physiological effect on mind and body. Many kinds of music such as Rock music and any other kind of up tempo genre, has the ability to keep the listener more alert during certain tasks such as driving or doing certain assignments for school or work. An ongoing experiment conducted by a database called Pumped. Ova that is still going on in the present, analyzed the effects that music has on a simulated drive. Subjected mood ratings indicate that music is able to successfully maintain one’s mood while they are driving. Narrow lane width drives increased task emend as shown in effort ratings and increased swerving. Furthermore, respiration rate was lower during music listening compared to rides without music, while no effects of music were found on heart rate.

The study goes on to say that music generally affects mood positively while driving and that can be used to affect safe behavior and actions behind the wheel. (van deer Swag MD) This may very well be true in essence as long as the driver does not blast the music to loud which may cause increased distraction instead of focus. It seems that the mood that a driver may be able to enter when listening to sic can ward off potential bouts of road rage if the aforementioned driver is cut off or put at risk by another driver.

As history has been written, we’ve seen time and time again the effects that music has had on the mood and mentality of the up and coming generation. Stemming from the Jazz music and early forms of Rock that came about in the sass’s, conservative Christian churches shunned this music entirely at first due to the threat of this music causing a rebellion and aggressive moods from the lyrics that touched upon not conforming and believing in what was mainstream at that time.

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