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Just Like a roller-coaster there are ups and downs. Sometimes this can be overwhelming. We all need a safe zone, that place where we go when we need comfort, motivation, or Just some company. For many of us, that safe zone is music. To get further insight into how music affects people, we invited members of the public to share their experiences and the variety of ways music plays Into their dally lives and mood. Certain songs make you ponder over what kind of person you want o be, type of role or purpose you have In this world, or what kind of an effect you have on others around you,” said Prohibit Kuris, a 22-year-old college student reflecting on the self-analyzing effects of music. Speaking on her deep dependence on music, 26-year-old HRS executive, Invasion, had this to say, “You may have heard people say that they cannot live without music. However, when I say that It Is Impossible for me to live without music, I truly mean It! According to Nava, “Classical and instrumental music allows me to truly immerse myself in tradition and pulls me into the vibe and mood that the song is projecting allowing me to escape the pressures of daily life,” she said. “Music definitely impacts my mood. Some people allow their music to dictate their mood, like listening to sad songs and then becoming sadder because of it. While for others, their mood determines their music, choosing a happy song to suit their happy mood.

As for me, personally my music follows my mood,” said Shown Were, a 25-year-old PR Manager. Commenting on the inherent ability of music to change moods, Useful Suzan, a 24- year-old student said, ‘For me whenever I am stressed and rushing to complete an assignment on time, I always turn to ballads and love songs as it helps me relax and focus. ” “I’m addicted to music! No matter what, I always find ways to satisfy my craving. If I go too long without music I tend to get depressed,” said Hafiz Gaffer, a 21 -year-old student.

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In line with her energetic lifestyle, Hafiz says she only listens to up-tempo Ran and dance music, “My music must suit my life. I’m happy-go-lucky and always on the go, so my music must be the same. ” Going against the grain however, George Kong, a 19-year-old Engineering student said, “For me personally, USIA has no effect on my mood. If I am happy, I’m happy and if I’m sad, I’m sad; music doesn’t have any impact on it. ” Seeking a historical perspective, we spoke to Kola’ Rant, a 42-year-old music teacher. Historically speaking, music has always been Intrinsically connected to emotions. Many of my students have varying tastes In music but the one thing that remains the same is that music holds a deep emotional connection to them,” she said. “Music psychology is a recognized and very much growing field of psychology. From what I know, every human being possesses a base deed to connect to something and music is one simple outlet for connection that we have.

That Is why so many of us turn to music to satisfy ourselves In times of depression or frustration,” said Mark Km a psychology lecturer speaking on why Shown said, “Music is the soundtrack of your life, no matter if you are feeling depressed or ecstatic, music is what we all turn to. ” Through these opinions it is clear that while people have different taste in music, the one thing that they all have in common is that music plays a vital part in each and every one of their lives whether they are feeling happy or sad. 2 3 4

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