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None General Education Requirement: This course is classified under the World Cultures Theme and meets the requirement for a course in World Cultures C: Other World Cultures Courses. The course also satisfies the Art, Aesthetics and Creativity requirement. General Education Student Learning Outcomes and the Five Themes: Heap’s general education curriculum is focused around five themes. This course emphasizes the World Cultures Theme and provides students with opportunities to achieve the following related general education student learning outcomes. Students will describe the significance of important movements or themes, which have shaped the world’s diverse cultures. Western music will be the focus of the class, however music of different cultures will also be discussed, compared and contrasted with Classical Western music. Students will engage with and interpret the various manifestations of cultures including verbal and visual texts, institutions, behavior, and performance. By studying the history and evolution of classical music, students will gain an understanding of musical style as it relates to musical performance, art, theater, once, literature, world history and politics.

Students will analyze cultural forces that have influenced customs and choices in contemporary lifestyles and world-views. The students will study European influences on the music of the past and present and the similarities and differences between Western Classical music, cultural music and contemporary music. The students will also have opportunities to reflect on their personal values and choices of music and influences that shape their decisions. Students will develop an appreciation for aesthetic expression and achievement wrought the study, performance, and production of the arts.

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This outcome is addressed through listening assignments, readings, writing assignments, discussions, field trips, videos and in-class activities. Course-specific Student Learning Outcomes for MUSS 1000 Introduction to Western Classical Music: MUSS 1000 is designed so that students will: Deepen their understanding and appreciation for WAC through live performance Music 1000 By Alleluias recordings, videos, and/or the Internet Explore WAC from a historical and cultural context Explore non-western music and its impact and influence on WAC of today

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