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However, we did not jump right into the semester with enthusiasm and excitement. Our first lecture was on photography, although I am very interested in photography, this lecture was tedious. To see the slides that Stephen Puppeteers was presenting the lights had to be shut off, which made it very easy to doze off or have your mind be somewhere else. Despite the dark lecture hall and the dullness of Mr.. Pettifoggers voice, his photographs were incredible.

His photographs ranged from beautiful breathtaking landscapes to people from developing countries with health robbers and lost limbs. The variety of his photos Is really what lured me In. I was fascinated. I had no Idea what I would be learning and experiencing throughout this semester when I signed up for this course. Even after I had had this first lecture and had attended my first discussion I still did not fully understand. As I wrote my first assignment, I babbled on and talked mostly about my past with music, still believing this course would be all about music.

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Little did I know, I was all wrong. I attended ACH lecture and finally began to catch on that I would be learning something new and enjoyable every Wednesday. Each lecture after photography got more intriguing and interactive with the audience. This course by far had the most entertaining lectures, bringing students on stage to dance and act. But even after all of these lectures I was not prepared for the final lecture. This fall performance was unbelievable. It had me with goose bumps up and down my arms and legs.

I could feel the beat of the drums through my whole body ND I automatically and unconsciously began swaying and tapping along to the beat. They immediately began pulling students from all over the lecture hall onto the stage and put some sort of instrument in their hand. Despite the fact that these students had never played such instruments they quickly picked up on them and joined in on the organized beat. Although this music was made up as It went along, and there were no written notes, it was still highly organized.

The students knew they could not just play along to any beat they desired. There were still rules they had to abide by. As the stage continued on with their instruments, the audience was then engaged within the music with singing, clapping, dancing, and stomping. It was unreal. We all consolidated to actually compose our own beautiful music. Was amazed. The instructors some how managed to get every single person In that lecture hall participating In our freshly composed music. And from what I could see everyone seemed to be enjoying It Just as much as I was.

It was a wonderful performance. It as by far the best performance all semester, as my teaching assistant informed us it woo a De. I am lucky to nave Eden addle to experience sun an event. Entering this course I did not have high expectations, it was only filling general education credits for me. However, now that I have successfully completed this course it was certainly so much more. I am fortunate enough to have been able to take such a class that bestowed me with such in depth introductions to various forms of arts, from photography, theater, Jazz, classical, dance, and so much more.

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