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CIT solutions for individuals and society Assignment 1 – Theme Park Scenario This assignment will allow you to meet all of the assessment requirements for Unit 6042: CIT solutions for individuals and society. You should look at the Assessment Evidence Grid to check what you need to demonstrate in each task to achieve each mark band. You work for Disorderly USA and have been asked by the parks development officer to investigate the possibility oaf new theme park being built in England.

You are to investigate possible competitors, travel links, the environment and possible sites for he new park and come too decision on where to build the park. There are ten possible locations for the new park to be: Rushmore Stoke-on-Trend South Norfolk North Density Walton (Liverpool) Exeter Mudstone Swanson Southampton Challenged. The report Disorderly USA would like you to write will compare two of these locations and come too decision on which is the best one to site the new park.

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The tasks below will take you through the research process and ensure that you have collected the right information for writing the report. Task 1 -to be handed in on or before….. The aim of this task is to gather background information on theme parks in Britain so that you have a good understanding of Disorderly Aqua’s possible competitors. Investigate five theme parks in England, your research could include information on ten cost to enter, ten age group catered Tort, ten opening times Ana popular rides. En most Evidence should include the use of at least three different search engines and how you narrow down your search criteria to make sure you only find information relevant to the report you are writing. You need to provide corrections the searches you array out and the information that you find. You will also need to write a short report describing the process you carried out searching for your information. The report will need to cover the following areas: Identify the information required and use the advanced search facilities of more than one search engine to locate the information, comparing the results obtained. Ђ Identify the information required, select the most appropriate search engine and use efficient methods, including the use of logical operators to locate the information. Select the search engine that you would use in the future and give reasons why. Evidence for this task should be corrections of the search engines used and the searches carried out with annotations. There should be clear evidence (with corrections that are large enough to read) of the advanced search features used and the logical operators used. There should be a comparison of the searches carried out and a selection of the best search engine to use in the future.

As part of this assignment, you need to create a bibliography to display the sources you used. Task 2 – to be handed in on or before………………………………. To ensure that Disorderly USA can discuss potential planning issues with the right people in local councils they would like you to use the local council websites to find out the contact details of the planning officer in at least two of the chosen regions. Interrogate an online database to find statistics about the demographics of the area you want to build the theme park. Demographics are the statistics of an area’s population such as age, sex, income, education.

This interrogation should include clear evidence of carrying out complex searches using the internal search facilities of the websites used. A good place to start may be with the 2001 census figures on the www. Statistics. Gob. UK site. Other sites can be used to find information as well. You need to find the following information out about the two boroughs you have chosen to research: Population according to the 2001 census Breakdown of population by age group Employment status AT ten people. Other information that you could investigate would be to look at reallocates databases (whom. CDC. Com or http://cotoneaster. Com/Reallocates. Asps) , travel statistics for your region, unemployment figures to see which region would benefit most from a new theme park. For your research in this task you need to show how you navigated around the Bessie using internal search engines etc – a good place to start for this may be the borough council websites. Evidence for this task should be in the form of annotated corrections showing the navigation methods used, a teacher observation record to show that you did this task would also be good.

Task 3 – to be handed in on or before……………………………… Interrogate a local database to find out information about the areas that you are considering for your theme park. The local database has been set up using Microsoft Access, and is named Area Database. The database includes the following fields: Ђ Travel Information (Distance to major roads, train stations & airports) Region Numbers of local hotels Employment figures Square footage of free land in the borough Numbers of local schools Nearest airport – type (international or domestic).

You should show evidence of interrogating this database. The best way to do this is to show corrections of the queries in both design and data view. This will show evidence of how you created the queries. You should also create some reports to show the query results in the best possible way, these reports should be edited to show the results in the most appropriate way.

Queries could be of the following things: Alton Towers have Just opened their new water park and it is 350,000 square feet, we would expect our new park to be bigger than this so find all of the councils that have available land of over 350,000 square feet, display the name of the council, the region and the square feet available to build on. Transport links are an important part to building a theme park; find all the councils that are within thirty miles of a large international airport and twenty miles of a motorway.

Display the name of the council, the distance from an airport and motorway and the name of the airport. Find all the councils that are in southern or northern regions. Display all the International auto ten councils. Task 4 – to be handed in on or before……………………………… The aim of this task is to compare the figures and information that you have collected in tasks 1, 2 and 3. You have been asked by Disorderly USA to create a spreadsheet that will allow you to compare population and employment figures for the two councils you have chosen.

This spreadsheet will be used by you to help you decide which is the best borough to host the new Disorderly Park. The output from your broadsheet should be in a format that can be easily incorporated into a report. You could look at doing comparisons like: What % Male/Female are there in your two borough’s Calculate the growth of the population for both borough’s over the next 5 years Calculate the % of the population under 40 (or the age you feel is most suitable for a Disorderly USA theme park) Calculate the % employment/unemployment in the borough’s and decide if this is good for Disorderly.

The spreadsheet you create will have a minimum of two sheets and you should present your results in a graphical manner. Your spreadsheet could include features such as: Formatting cells (currency, date, number etc, word wrap, alignment, merge and centre, font, borders, patterns) Simple formulas (+, * and I) Simple functions – SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT Replication / fill Percentages (e. G. 25% of AY is AY*25%, etc) Conditional formatting Advanced functions – IF, CONCATENATE, AND, Pluck Page setup (orientation, fit to page, headers/footers, show grisliness, row and column headings) Charts/graphs. You will also need to make use of macros to simplify the use of the spreadsheet, you may include macros that: Enter data more easily Ђ Allow you to move easily between sheets Print your work Save and Exit your work easily.

I En valence Tanat you n to snow Is: Corrections of the spreadsheet in normal view Corrections of the spreadsheet in formula view Evidence of the formulas/functions that you have created and used in the spreadsheet Macro Code of Macro’s created Evidence of Testing, this should concentrate on the accuracy and functionality of the spreadsheet rather than Just whether the macros will take you from one sheet to another. Task 5 – to be handed in on or before………………………………

Disorderly USA would like you to produce a report in a suitable format including graphical images and relevant information that supports your recommendations for where the new park should be placed. The sections your report should include are: A brief guide to theme parks in England An evaluation of other factors that may influence the building of the theme park, which were found in the local database Results of your spreadsheet analysis A recommendation of the best location to build the new theme park with supporting evidence.

You should use at least five different information sources in the presentation of your investigation results; you should consider carefully how the information needs to be combined so that it is presented in a logical order to make the final presentation coherent. You need to combine different types of information from different sources, including at least five of: Text both created by you and from existing sources Graphics from websites and other sources Numerical data from spreadsheets Graphs and charts Results of database searches Hyperlinks to other information sources.

Task 6 – to be handed in on or before…….. You need to evaluate the methods you used to find information and present your exults. You should discuss the good and bad points of how you found information (tasks 1, 2 and 3), how you refined your searches (tasks 1, 2 and 3) to find information Ana now you Eyelash your results (TA I Nils task can letter De Carlen out as a standalone task or as part of each task that you have completed. Hat you: You need to ensure Comment on the effectiveness of the methods you used to find information and present results Clearly identify good and not so good features of the methods you used to find information and present results Show that you identified strengths ND weaknesses in both your initial searches and our presentation of results; you will show how you refined them to meet the purpose more closely, suggesting how you might approach a similar task in future. Task 7 – to be handed in on or before………………………………

As a stand alone task you need to investigate the availability of electronic information. You should investigate how electronic information is available to you and your family, how people who do not have access to the Internet are affected by this and if there are any people who do not want access to this information. You need to examine society in general looking at how people within your experience use electronic information and how those outside of your experience use electronic information.

This report should use actual examples as evidence to prove your points. You should also include some discussion on how organizations communicate with individuals and society in general. Remember to organize your work clearly with suitable titles, headings or labels. Make sure you only include the evidence required. Number the pages and include a contents list. You should also make sure your name is on each page.

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