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In distance learning, especially, these online tools play a huge role in your study experience, because you don’t attend face-to-face lectures at Unison – you connect to your university from a distance. The internet is simply the fastest, most effective and efficient way to do that. By embracing computers, by encouraging our students to use the internet, we’re better preparing them for the demands of the digital age. We understand that for some the cost of a computer can be difficult to manage, so we still provide you with alternative channels (egg the post), but we urge you, if you can, to go online. A Unison qualification is not a small thing. It’s a huge investment in time, money and effort. You need to study every day, you need to keep up from day one, and being online helps you to do that.

Unison e-solutions for students To help you afford your online essentials, Unison is introducing various “e-solutions” for registered students, such as more affordable G, as well as laptops, tablets ND other devices at discounted prices. And we’re constantly working to bring you more solutions. Our negotiations with IT suppliers and service providers are ongoing to help you to adapt more easily to the digital age. For more information on Unison’s e-solutions, go to HTTPS://my. Unison. AC. AZ/e-solutions You may be wondering, why all the fuss about going online? Well, it just saves so much time. You can submit assignments or get results at the click of a button, rather than waiting for the post. Yes, systems do go down. Internet connections are lost from time to time. But or the most part, the internet is very reliable.

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So you can submit those assignments with confidence and check that they’ve been received. You can connect with other people so much more easily too, which makes a big difference when creating your academic network, for example. Work that you type on a computer is easier to read, easier to correct and easier to manage. What’s more, by using online systems regularly, you’ll develop those online skills, thus preparing you for the digital future. F you don’t know how to use a computer, there are numerous online courses that teach basic computer skills. Ifs important to understand a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word or Offences Writer), how to receive and send e-mails, and how to search the internet.

The Goodwill Community Foundation has over 750 free online computer classes available on their website: http://www. Clearance. Org. In addition to the online lessons, there are mobile APS that you could download to your Android phone, phone or pad to help you learn on the go. The online classes available cover aspects Of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powering, etc), as well as internet and e-mail basics. Google it” The various search engines available on the internet are indispensable whether you’re doing research or looking for training courses. Use specific keywords such as “basic Windows 7 tutorial” or “basic Google search techniques” to define your search.

All students who register at Unison for the first time from 201 3 have to do an online “signature course” at some point during their undergraduate studies. A disband (flash drive) will also be made available that enables students to work offline, should they not have ready access to the internet. Each college as its own specific signature course. When it comes to planning your study time, remember that you’ll be required to do frequent assignments as part of your signature course, which reference current events and up-to-date information. It will not be possible to put off assignments and then do all the work in one session. You have to keep up and schedule your time accordingly.

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