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The school’s choice to redraw the boundaries will prepare the children for the world. The assignment, states to develop a plan to address stakeholders’ concerns. Finding an easy solution to a problem is never easy. While laying out a solution to the problem is never easy, it does take a great deal of research. Negotiation is a more formal means of achieving cooperation. It uses formal bargaining to win acceptance and approval of a desired change. The stakeholders in this situation regarding the rezoning of the Miami school district are the parents and the children.

The takeovers recognize that they have a common problem that they share an interest in solving. Parents are concerned about the welfare of their children going to deferent schools where the quality of education may not meet the same standard. Parents are concerned about travel time this will add to their schedules. They are also concerned about how some of these diversities will affect their children, In the school their children will attend. Parents are also concerned about the friends their children may go to school with and having to make new friendships.

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The parents may also be concerned about the student teacher ratio. The parents are going to have several concerns at the meeting and the facilitator will need to be prepared to open with pertinent Information that will then overshadow some of the frustrations that some of the parents may display. The children affected by the rezoning will face having to attend a new school and possible Introductions Into new cultures that were not part of their old school. The children will have to also face separation from friends and the frustration that comes along with making new friendships.

The negotiation strategies that will be used in this plan are distributive Darling. Adulterates Darling wall De uses to set ten tone Tort ten school board meeting because at this point the need to try to save any relationships that may or may not be formed does not exist. The distributive strategy will be used throughout the entire process of the meeting. The majority of the parents that will attend this meeting will have legitimate concerns and these concerns will be addressed in an orderly fashion. Each parent is expected to handle themselves as adults.

This ultimately will be a win/ lose situation for some parents involved. The session was made to take the distributive bargaining approach because of the magnitude of people involved in this transition and not everyone will be a winner in this situation. Manure (2008), suggest that when conditions change: varying market forces, new directives from headquarters, changes in personnel and when this happens, resistance to change can take over, therefore, the distributive bargaining strategy will be used for this meeting.

While gathering the necessary data the school board identified some of the common causes of resistance, to determine if there the possibility of derailment exist before the meeting. Most of the derailment will be human factors and barriers in the various cultures within the school. Before the meeting, the school took a direct assessment of the responses from the questionnaires that were disturbed to parents and found that most of the parents concerns were legitimate and some of the concerns using the snow Job tactic for this particular meeting may prove to be a very useful tactic.

Using this tactic on the people in the meeting may be good because most of the attendees may not be prepared to discuss the underlying issues. The stakeholders in this situation may not eel as though their needs and concerns can be addressed at the meeting, by using the snow Job tactic more than likely most of the parents will be overwhelmed with information being provided at the meeting. By redrawing the school boundaries, the benefits of the new school boundaries are the new facilities, the ability to participate in team sports, more children get to participate in sports at smaller schools.

Smaller groups encourage healthier discussion and participation by all members. Most people are more comfortable speaking in a smaller group. A challenge exists when ring to facilitate larger groups and obtain input from everyone. Larger groups will provide a wider range of experiences and input. In order to interact with the various groups to show concern and gain cooperation we will use larger groups to facilitate this meeting and from each culture, we will have representatives from each cultural background to speak his or her native language and address any concerns that may arise.

By having a representative from each cultural background to speak at the meeting, this will make the parents attending feel more comfortable in the meeting and gain their support. The meeting will be held in the school gymnasium, which will allow the school to separate the different cultural backgrounds in different seating areas for the purpose of having an interpreter from their particular culture available. This will provide a more comfortable setting for the parents and children.

The first of order of business for the meeting will be to make sure that everyone understands that the redrawing of the school boundary has already be set in motion and the rezoning will take place. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:pm and end at 8:pm. The school board will also provide people at the meeting who will be speaking such as coaches, principals, teachers, transportation advisors, ten cocoons nurse, Ana police emcees won are experts traffic and roads. There will be a strict time limit for the representative to adhere.

The likelihood of success in this school board meeting is continent upon the goals and the concerns of the parents attending the meeting. The failure may be due to human reaction to change. Ethics institute a way of doing what is appropriate, fair, and honest. Not understanding cultural differences is a common mistake made in the negotiation process. Some cultures have a higher or lower threshold for disagreement while others do not. Present are differences in how individuals from different cultures use information during the concession.

Preparation is always a good idea to make sure that person’s dealing in a negation process understands the differences in cultures while doing business in a fair and decent manner. Keep in mind there may be negotiations with these parties later. Being honest during negotiations, keeping promises, and treating others, as a person would like to be treated all help to negotiate ethically. Acknowledging cultural differences when a person does business with someone from another culture, a person can encode the message using the assumptions of that person’s own culture.

So your meaning may be misunderstood. Not understanding the culture of a person or group of people you are negotiating with can be a major mistake (Bauer, 2009). Ethics and culture have impacted my decision because the redrawing of the school boundaries is in the best interest of the children and the parents. Having a backup plan in case the strategies used do not work, if the meeting is not a success, hen the school board will have to return to the drawing board and start from the beginning.

The school board should immediately setup small school board meeting with the parents in an organized fashion as to readdress concerns of the parents. Moreover, an organizer needs to choose the leaders of the planning team and advisory committees for their skills in negotiation. Preparation involves information gathering knowing the concerns of others, being aware of how to address those concerns. The more sources from which you can obtain what you want, the stronger your position; and the fewer such options you have the weaker your position.

Knowing the position of both parties is important so that the major areas of the deal are considered in the preparation phase. Before negotiating either formally or informally, each person should try to anticipate the best and worst possible results that could occur. As in any case the need to thoroughly research all issues is important. In summary, the board’s task is unenviable and no easy answers exist in the topic of redistricting. There always will be parents who are unhappy that their children must change schools, or are being forced to travel farther than they would like.

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