Sex Education Should be Taught In Public School Assignment

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In China, many parents disapprove of sex education being taught In public schools. However, they do not talk about it with their children at home, because they are afraid their children will have sex early if sex education is taught. In fact, sex education helps children face sex In a more appropriate way, prevents them from potential harm and leads children to be a whole person if it is taught in public school.

Sex education Is very necessary In public school because It leads children to understand sex in an appropriate way. Although having sex is a normal behavior in people’s lives, some parents feel embarrassed to talk about sex with children so they choose not to teach them any at all. Children lose chances to learn about correct sexual knowledge from their parents, and they will wrongly see sex as dirty, evil and immoral. Even when they grow up, they might still feel scared about sex and keep away from It, which Is harmful for their lives.

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If sex education Is given In public school, all children will learn about sex with their classmates which can eliminate the embarrassment between parents and the children. Mostly importantly, children will not misunderstand sex either. Besides providing a better understanding, sex education also prevents children from potential harm. Parents are afraid that sex education will stimulate their children to have sex early, so they keep telling children that sex Is a shameful thing and not to have sex with others. Nevertheless, this behavior arouses children’s curiosity about sex.

What’s more, children in adolescence like to do what their parents do not allow. As a result, children are more likely to get Information about sex through media, such as magazine, internet and TV, which nowadays are coming more sexual and contain many misleading information. Children who lack sexual knowledge are more likely to have sex early, and become Infected AIDS because they do not know anything about protections; while children who have sex education in their school are more rational about the media and know how to protect themselves.

Not only helping children face sex In a more proper way and preventing potential harm; sex education also leads them to a whole person. Academic study is the main task of children in school, but is not the only mission. Children who know quite well about their textbooks but are not familiar with their odd are more like learning machines. A successful student should be developed into a whole person who can not only do well in their academic study but also have enough common sense.

And sex education Is one of the significant common sense, which can help children know their physiological and psychology better and have a healthy and positive attitude to sex. It lets children learn outside classroom and develop themselves In a more appropriate and comprehensive way. Sex education is a sensitive topic in China, but it is not a shameful thing. It leads children to understand sex correctly,

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