Sex Education in School Assignment

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The debate on this topic will never end. There have been many debates on this Issue from a personal level to the political level. Conservatives believe that abstinence should be the only policy taught In schools, while liberals feel that statistics showing Increasingly risky behavior amongst teens Indicates a need for sex education In the school system.

While parents and the school system debate about the correct way to Inform teenager and students about ex education, around 68% of high schooled are engaging In sexual experience according to a survey did by NBC News. The survey when on to state that every year, the average age of first intercourse become younger and younger. NBC News (HTH:,’ www. Numbness. Com/). And no one cannot deny that children today, from a very young age see sexual imagery and bombarded with them from nearly every fact and angle of life. Sex is everywhere in our society.

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In the public offices, on the national tabloids, local newspapers, and popular teenager magazines, and listen to it in music. Adolescents face a barrage of inaccurate, unrealistic media messages on sexuality, particularly, about body image, sexual performance, and making sexual approaches” (Kevin, 488). Yet parents still protest the idea of sex being taught to their children at school. Some states teach sex education in there school systems that inform students with the curriculum Of Stud’s, Waits and other sexual transmitted diseases. And some states teach a Waits only.

Also, some states teach that sex education must be medically, factually or technically accurate. TTT:/ www. statepoliciesonsexeducation. Gob The states that teach sex education understand that by their children being taught sexual education they is receiving knowledge on the subject from a trained professional in the field of sexual education. The reason these states understand the Important of teaching sex education is adolescent females age 15-19, or 274,641 babies born to females in this age group. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for Adolescent and School Health show In a survey In 2013, 46. Recent are active in sexual intercourse, 8,300 young people age 13-24 years In 40 states reporting to the CDC had HIVE Infection, and million new STUD;s each year are among the age group of 15-24 of age. HTH:/www. HP. Gob The opposition on sex education believe that abstinence should be the only thing taught In school. Fifteen percent of parents believe that schools should teach only about abstinence from sexual Intercourse and should not provide Information on how to obtain and use condoms and other contraception.

A plurality (46 percent) believes that the most appropriates approach Is one that might be called “abstinence-plus. ” There are federal funding for abstinence in an amount of $250 million as part of an on March 23, 2010[9]). With this type of funding there will always be a debate whether to teach sex education in public schools. Abstinence only programs taught in public schools, is the safest way of not contracting an STUD, Waits or pregnancy. Many battles in our country and around the world are being waged concerning what type of sex education should be taught in schools.

A more comprehensive sexual education program could delay premature sex, and this will help young teens delay sexual intercourse. Based on the facts that teenagers are engaged in sexual intercourse and other sexual acts it need to be mandatory that sex education be taught in school, and it should not better weather it is teaching abstinence or it is teaching about every level of sexual education. Our youth needs to know about the reality of sex; the good and bad consequences of engaging in it.

The more information that is out there the more our youth are educated on the subject, the eater decisions they will make when it comes to their own sex life.

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