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Memoir Assignment When I was in the 7th grade I heard an interesting story of life experiences from my friend. She was doing a presentation at my school about her life in Peru. I began to think about it, but I didn’t know that I seriously wanted to become an exchange student until I was in 8th grade. My best friend name is Ked. She was in 12th grade and she was an exchange student. She passed all the tests and got a free scholarship so she decided to go. She said she learned many thing about an exchange student life.

She had to learn the different culture, such as dress, food, habits of people and especially language. Peru is a Spanish speaking country and she hadn’t never learn Spanish before she got there, and 10 months later she came back to Thailand. She speaks and writes Spanish very well, especially her accent seems like students that learn to speak Spanish for 10 years. Therefore, she inspired me to be an exchange student, to learn the different cultures, to learn the languages, to be vigorous and to be confident in myself.

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It wasn’t that easy as I thought for to be an exchange student. I think it was so much work for it. I had to take tests, to interview, to do my portfolio, to write essays, to rite a letter to my host family and especially to pay a lot of money. My parent’s are not rich so we had little trouble about that. I wanted to get the free scholarship but the rule for free scholarship is “either of your parent’s income not suppose to be more than $850 a month” but my dad has an income more than $850 a month so I couldn’t apply for free scholarship.

I tried so hard to passed the tests from three organizations were OAFS, YES and CAY. Those are three famous organizations in Thailand. OAFS organization is the first famous, YES is second and SAYS is the third. The result was I passed all of those organizations. I was so proud of myself that I passed all of those super hard tests. Finally,’ had to choose to be in YES organization because I could choose the top three countries that I really want to go. If you asked me why don’t I cheesed to go with the OAFS which is the first famous organization in Thailand and I passed it? Because I got to be only an substitute, and the rule of substitute is “you can’t choose any countries that you wanted to go’. So why do Vive to go to the country that I don’t want to go? I choose top three countries that I wanted to go were Brazil, New Zealand and United State of America. My score passed to the US so I got to come here. Why did I choose to come to America? Because I think English is the importance language that I have to know how to read, write, listening and also speaking.

People use English language for the communication around the world. The United State of America is an English speaking country so I think I’ll improve a lot. Before I got here, There were seriously so many stuff that I have to do. I went go to the hospital for my physical certificate,for X-ray, for have vaccines, etc. I had a very hard time to get it done because it was so hard to write something in other language hat is not my native language. My parent’s paid every expenses for me because I don’t have a Job to pay for my own scholarship.

These are all my expense that I paid : $3,500 forestations fee $13,000 for Scholarship fee $2,500 for Air-plane ticket $2,000 for My pocket money $300 for Physical certificate $400 for Transportation before I got to the US $400 or more for Etc. Total $22,100 or more I had learn English before I came to the US only 3 years in school, so you can tell that I’m not a very good English speaker when I got here. I tried hard to learn English after school everyday at home by www. Youth. Mom because I want to speaking English very well.

I want to exchange all of parent’s money to be a very awesome experience in the US. I know, sometime it’s not always nice for living in a different place, different people etc. But I tried to hard to adapt myself so I can survive here without my parent’s. My new life here in America is so awesome. I’m so lucky that I got to live with a nice host family. I’m studying in a nice school, nice friends, nice teacher and nice place that it is very safe which is you don’t even have to lock the doors. My host family feed me very well that I can see by when I look myself at a mirror.

I gained my weight totally 18 pounds by 6 months. I know it won’t happen to me in Thailand. American food is not very healthy. We can see at many fast food restaurants in Marquette or in Negates. I think American people are very in time and have a very hurry life every day so I think people don’t care what they ate, the number one that they think are fast and easy. I live in America for almost 8 and a half months and I only have 1 and a half months left, I don’t want to go back at all because I have a very good time to stay here and I very enjoy my life experience. I love the United State of America

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