English Is Important for Our Daily Life Assignment

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Learning english is important for our daily life.. As we all know, English is the one of important language in this world. If we cannot speak English even a little bit, we are called as a very poor in this community. We also cannot improve our life if we worst in English. We will feel loser if we in the group that use English as a medium to speak. According to the research that have been made by the group of University Malay, 70% of undergraduate student especially Malay student are not use English as a medium to speak. It’s show that most of the student do not want to use English as a main language in their life.

People always said that we must use our country language so that it indicate we love our country. The statement is not fault but we also must learn English for our future life such as to find a job, to communicate with foreigner, easy to understand if we find information through online and easy for student to survive in university life because most of the university in Malaysia use English as a medium to speak. One of the reason why we must learn English in our daily life is English is important to get a job. In this era, many people are jobless eventhough they have a degree.

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It is because they do not have a soft skill. Eventhough we got the best result in examination but we cannot speak in English, it is hard for us to find a job. Example is, if we want to work with a giant company such as Petronas, Sime Darby, Schlumberger and etc we need to face many process. One of the process is interview. Interview is one of the important process for us to face if we want to work with a giant company. Many giant company have a francais at the other country. So, they use international language that is English as a medium to communicate among the others.

Therefore, they must do an interview in English to find an employee. If we have a soft skill like can speak fluently in English, the company will not hesitate to take us as one of their employee. The other reason why learn English is important for our daily life is it is easy for us to communicate with foreigner. If we go to the abroad such as united kingdom, we must to speak in English if we want to communicate with them. For example is, if student want to further their study at over sea, they must have a foundation at least 3 months.

The government prepare the foundation for the students because they do not want students have a culture shock when they study at over sea. Communication in English at over sea is important because if we want to do something like buy some things at the shop, we must speak in English to ask price of the things or something else to the seller. If we speak in Malay, definitely the seller will not understand what we speak. In a nutshell, the student that want to further their study to further their study at over sea, they must get A of course in English subject to get a qualification.

It show us that English is so important for us. Next reason is, many source of information such as in internet are in English. If we cannot understand the phrase or else that is in English, it is hard for us to find information that we want. Like students want to do an assignment or thesis. Many information can get through internet. Unfortunately, a lot of information are in English. If they cannot understand or not good enough in English, it is hard for them to get the information and eventually their thesis or assignment will not complete.

Many job that advertise through internet like jobstreet also in English. if we want to find a job or get a job well, we must read term and condition or qualification that the company offer. All this information are in English. Entertainment through online such as one manga comic also in English. We can conclude that nowadays everything in English. So, it is important for us to learn English. Lastly is, English is important for student to survive in university. For example is, some of the lecturers in university are from the other country.

Normally, they will use English as a medium to teach the students. In addition, many books at library are fully in English. So, by hook or by crook we must good in English to make sure we will understand better in lecture and when find some information in journals that are available at library. We also know that there are a lot of presentation at university. Most of the presentation are in English. The students do not have any choice except must practice and practise their English. So that they will not lose their mark when do the presentation. Plus, some of the university like

University Teknology Malaysia (UTM) is announced that student must get at least Band 3 for their Malaysia University English Test (MUET) for graduated. As a conclusion, the student must good in English for excellent. As a conclusion, learning English is so important for us because nowadays many job are looking for person that is good in English as a soft skill. Malay language is a country language but English is the international language. Eventhough we still stand with our opinion that is want to speak malay to show that we love our country, but good in speaking English also will guarantee our future to become more better.

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