English Globalization Assignment

English Globalization Assignment Words: 346

What are the manifestations it reduces in everyday life? An ability for everyone must possess, English must be introduce to the world. Albeit their differences, races, religions, and age. With its dominance in almost all domains of this advanced society, English is spoken and learned by people all around the globe. People nowadays take pride in speaking in English, some thinks its a trend and others don’t. Having the ability to speak in English, gives you chance to participate and learn more thing.

For what I have observed, people who peak English, they tend to feel more confident in themselves. Internationally speaking, can say that it’s really hard to thrive in this world without knowing English. Media, news, business, politics, studies, TV programs, and music trends are just some of the examples in where the field of English language is widely used. Without a common language, society would be a disorderly mess of miscommunication and ambiguity.

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English language has the ability to make a difference, if everyone would understand it, maybe implementing a preference will be manageable. A weapon for global prosperity, English language can bind us together for unity towards a better future. Globalization and English language are said to work as pull factors for one another. English can therefore be said to be the language of globalization. Steadily heading towards economic globalization, the world must have the proper education so that the common man can keep up with the world issues and happenings.

In brief concluding ideas, we cannot deny the importance of English language in our cosmos today. This language helps us to express ideas and feelings, to talk, to exchange views, and to communicate wherever. Furthermore, in the world that English is considered as the main language. English is now taking an important part in having a chance for bigger opportunities. Hence, we can predict that English language will continue to develop and bring us more advantages in the near future; and maybe someday, English will be the only language.

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