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When was younger math was my favorite subject, it was something that I fel t very confident with. Unlike english, history, and literature, where I had to exert extra effort, math was the only subject that really came naturally to me. I remember when I was a kid my dad would test me on math questions, usually about lines and figures. What kind of line intersects, what are parallel lines?

I was probably about 7 years of age, and it really impressed family frie fids when the answer correct. In school, I always did well in math especially basic math, it was simple and it was easy. Back then, I still have the capacity to help out other students and I was always helping out friends with their assignments. I always got high grades on tests and was us ually done first when it came to exams. It was really up until I started high school.

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Then, algeb ra happened, since we didn’t have any lessons given regarding algebra (even the most basic ones) during elementary didn’t understand a word the teacher was saying, it was like I was reading a different language. It was hard at first because for one like solving problems with numbers but when it started involving letters I knew I had to work harder because it would be different tha n what we have learned in elementary. was confused and began taking lots of time to study and I also did group studies with my friends.

It really helped when it came to algebra because to th is day I still use the things I’ve learned during those study group sessions. What Ive learned about those hardships and failures (exams included) in mat h that I’ve experienced is that I shouldn’t be contented with muddled halfcomprehensio ; I need to understand the entire thing and notjust bits of it. Some of my teachers tend t o leave out something and they just assume that it’s just a simple thing and that the stud entS would be able to figure it all out by themselves. ad many math teachers throughout my lifeti me of education, each teacher taught a specific way. Each way was completely different, and le arning them was very difficult. Once you pick up a way of doing something and it works for you , it’s hard to just stop what you’re doing and learn a new way. Many of the teachers who had t heir own way wouldn’t accept it. This is what made math become such a difficult subject for me over my years of education.

One of the factors that made mathematics harder for me is the fear of asking questions. I had to learn the hard way that the teachers won’t think you’re stupid if you ask quest ions. I also find a lot of distractions that time regarding math, it seemed like any other activity is better than math but I had to focus and avoid procrastination. Right now, mathematics involvin g letters is still hard but I learned how to deal with it. Though I find myself facing difficulty in some areas, I still like math.

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