Math related auto mechanics Assignment

Math related auto mechanics Assignment Words: 445

There is a lot of math needed. More than I expected when I first started writing this paper. I always thought I was good at math, but it has its pros and cons but I taught myself what I needed to know. A lot of what you will need to know is measurements and conversions. Most of the math is simple math, but some of it can get complicated at times. I hardly ever use a calculator but I need one for those situations where I’m missing something, or I have to do long equations.

Mechanics seems like turning wrenches and making noise, but a lot of It now Is math, or numbers. Vehicles are eyeing built with more and more computers, and with more computer and electronics come more calculations, sometimes you have to calculate a resistance or other value of a component where the resistance or value Is not listed by the manufacture, It doesn’t happen often, but every so often It happens.

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Math Is used In everything from tightening bolts, some have to be done In a certain order and do need to be torques and then be tightened a certain angle or torques tighter after the Initial torturing, measuring and reading measurements, but some you have to count and add to an initial reading to get the correct reading, like a micrometer. Math is even used in finding tire sizes for altering tire sizes but keeping the same overall diameter and width, but changing the profile and there are programs that will do the calculations, but it’s still good to know how to do it long hand.

Doing alignments also involve math, you have to know angles, and how to read them properly to make sure the steering/ suspension components are not damaged causing the alignment to go out. If you are an automotive mechanic, you will need to add up the number of hours worked on repair job, multiply that by the rate per hour, then add in the cost of parts, and figure out the sales tax. Math is used to measure how to put the right shaped parts in the cars.

They multiply the flat rate time to do a Job by the hourly rate, and then double it for an estimate. Ratios when it comes to gears, a lot of small units of measuring for cylinder boring, percentage problems, weight ratios, displacement or cubic measuring of cylinders, limits when it comes to car weight. Physics would describe the type of math for a mechanical engineer which goes hand In hand with math.

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