Maintaining Sanity Assignment

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How My Mind Works For each answer, provide at least two examples. Upload the completed assignment to the Dropbox by the end of the week. Exercise: Maintaining Sanity In the table below, the left-hand column lists some perceptions of our abilities to perform certain tasks. In the column on the right, list what your Creative Subconscious does to maintain your sanity, and prove that you are always right. My Perceptions What my Creative Subconscious does to Maintain my Sanity Can’t speak in front of others Gives me a million reasons not to make the presentation.

Makes sure I forget what I want to say when I do get up. Not good at math Don’t like to work with numbers all day. Does not do any homework or work in math class. Can’t draw Pictures or art work made are not understandable to others. Other artists don’t like my drawings. Can’t ski Haven’t been in a lot of snow on mountains, cause of avalanches. Would not attempt to go in a lot of snow at all. Can’t learn a foreign language Seems like a lot of work and pronouncing difficult looking words. Doesn’t try to learn anything Can’t sing Does not sing in front of anyone, sounds horrible when I do. Don’t know here to start or to begin a note on a song.

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Can’t play a musical instrument Learns about the musical instrument and tries to play it. Plays in front of teacher and forget how to start playing. Dont interview well, at all Get nervous when I don’t know what to say or ask. Don’t want to judge anyone about their life. Dont like an instructor Do not listen to them in class or follow their rules. Does not respect their judgments about me and what I should do. Don’t test well Get nervous about doing well while trying to answer questions.

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