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Job, you made a great choice. AVID is really going to help you in your high school years; you get to learn new skills to help you better learn and work out problems. AVID helped me a lot because it can also help you succeed.. You will learn how to manage your time wisely, how to keep an organized binder, how to find evidence in a source to support claims, and it will also give you much help for college. Some advice I can give you all is to stay organized.

Throughout the year you will have to maintain an organized binder and will be checked if it is organized. You will learn how to keep your binder clean, so remember how to and don’t forget to organize it every day, or else you’ll forget. Another tip is to keep everything! You will be graded on whether or not you have certain things from your classes. Don’t think it’s a stupid rule but it’ll come in handy. Just imagine one day getting back an assignment with a grade, but you were told you never turned it in, well if you didn’t keep that assignment you’re screwed.

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Something o should also always do is take notes, but not any kind of notes, Cornell Notes. This is something else you will be being graded on. Throughout the year you will learn of better ways to organize your notes so that you can remember the concept better. Oh and a general high school tip You have to always have at least a pencil, some paper, and always remember your book for your class. And if times get tough and you’re loaded with assignments, try to pace yourself and stay organized but try not to get too stressed, its only freshmen year. Always, An Anonymous

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