Mirabell Ochoa Assignment

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Memorable Cocoa-Hamlin Ms. George Block 8 Next year for high school, I would like to take Pre-AP history. I think that it would be a really good class for me to take next year for freshman year. History is very interesting to me, so that subject next year is something I would be looking forward to. I know that high school is very serious, so I would take Pre-AP very serious as well. If there is an assignment, or essay due the next class, I would make sure that I would finish it and turn it in at that exact day.

For civics now, I complete my homework and always turn it in on time. I make sure if there is a test the next day that I study for it. If there is a civics test, I take home my notes and study guide and I make sure I cover all of the material. I make sure that I know when things are due, so I keep assignments on track. In class, when there is a lesson I make sure that I write down all the notes that are given. Next year if there is an assignment, I know for sure that I loud complete it on time.

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I understand that homework is very important in high school. If there is a reading assignment, I know that I would read it through and answer any questions about it the next day. I would make sure that I put all my effort into the class. Also, it might be challenging but good for me. I really hope to take Pre- AP next year! History is a very interesting subject and I know that I would keep track of everything. Memorable Cocoa By Impracticable

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