Real Estate Financing Assignment

Real Estate Financing Assignment Words: 362

Homework will be due at the beginning of the class period on the due date, or as otherwise specified. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework will be submitted in hard copy form or by electronic upload to the LIMES website in Word document or PDF file (no excel files). Students are permitted to complete the homework using word processing software, broadsheets, by hand or any combination thereof. Students are encouraged to discuss the homework in small study groups, however, each student must complete and turn in their own individual work.

Understanding that most students work full-time outside of class, wherever possible, homework assignments will be given in class, so the students can discuss and perhaps complete assignments during scheduled class periods. A Mid-Term Exam will be conducted during class in a computer classroom. Students will be allowed and/or required to use Microsoft Excel in solving some problems on the mid-term. Except for access to Excel and one sheet of notes, the mid-term will be closed book. Students may use a financial calculator and writing materials.

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The mid- term will consist primarily of short written answers and problem solving, with some true/false and multiple choice questions. Students must show their work and reasoning to earn partial credit. 3 Preparation for class, attendance and active participation are all important in order to learn the course material. Group case studies will be used to apply the course material to the local Hong Kong market. Case studies will be completed within assigned groups and will require a ambition of case analysis, short write-ups, class discussion and class presentations.

Students will be expected to attend all lectures and actively participate in the discussion, including, but not limited to, presenting solutions to homework assignments and participating in class discussions and exercises. Excused absences will be considered only if the student contacts the course teaching assistant by email in advance of the lecture period missed. The Final Exam will be conducted during the last class period using computers. The Final Exam will be comprehensive, covering all of the course material presented over he entire course.

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