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There are many ways that people learn and the way they learn depends on that particular person and what they prefer. The myth of learning styles article states there Is no credible evidence of learning styles. In my opinion how a person retains the material he or she Is learning does consist of a learning style. I prefer to learn by doing things hands on. I have always been that way. In high school I used to study right before going to bed to remember the material for my test the next morning. Now I choose to write out the things I need to remember and take notes that I can understand.

According to the lesson readings I am put into the category of a combination of a visual and kinesthesia learner. I believe the readings are right because I have always had these set ways of learning. To answer the question could a person’s learning style change as they mature? I believe so. Things change daily and why not a learning style. A we mature we tend to find out what we like and don’t like and as matured individuals, some of us become more organized. That then defines how we do things in our everyday life.

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Some of us are fortunate enough to have stable Individuals In our lives and Lear from their mistakes and accomplishments. Some things also Inadvertently rub off on us and we don’t realize It until we are older. An example could be an cod type trait, Having a grandparent that did everything on a schedule kind of rubbed off on me. She washed early In the morning and so do l, She cooked breakfast, LULAB and dinner at the same time and so do I. You never know what habits you have learned before you know it. Some good and some bad.

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