Lord of the Flies Flag Assignment

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Symbols, images, or drawings that represent a significant event in the characteristic life Symbols, images, or drawings that represent a challenge or obstacle in the character’s life Symbols, images, or drawings that signify the character’s hopes and dreams Symbols, images, or drawings that signify the character’s ambitions or destiny Symbols, images, or drawings that are repeated throughout the novel and associated with the character Symbols, images, or drawings that reflect the character’s religion Symbols, mages, or drawings that signify the character’s secrets, fears, or insecurities Instructions for Completing the Assignment 1. Log-in to your school mail. (You do this by going to www. Bronchioles. Org and then clicking District Email 2. Once you are viewing your email, then click Drive. This is at the top of the screen. 3. In Google Docs go to Create New>Drawing to design your flag. You must incorporate 4 items into one continuous flag, not four separate flags. Be sure to consult the list of archetypes and symbols that I gave you in class. Access this online at tinnier. Com/Altercations How to Move your Flag from a Google Drawing to a Google Document 1 . Use command+shift+4 to make a screen shot of your flag. The flag will be on your desktop. 2.

Then, go to your Google docs page and choose CREATE NEW>DOCUMENT. 3. Name your document with your name and either Ralph or Jack. 4. Share the document with Sandra Wee. Give me editing rights. 5. Choose INSERT>IMAGE. 6. Then, write your essay. Use the sample, color-coded essay to help you. You must follow the format. . Share your document with me. Do this by clicking Share at the top right of the screen. Give me editing rights by choosing Can Edit beside my name. 8. Additionally, you will write an essay to explain how the 4 elements represent a character from the play. (See the links just below for samples. ) Rubric Links to Sample Essays Jack Flag Sample Another sample…

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This one is color-coded to help you see different parts of the essay. Yet another sample essay and drawing Here is a sample that uses textual evidence. You may NOT use Simon. Guidelines for your Essay 1 . Your essay must include an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should identify the character you have chosen, name the title and author of the book, and briefly explain the change the character undergoes. 2. You should detail at least 4 symbols and/or archetypes that you used in your flag. You should state what the symbol represents. Your essay should use textual evidence to support your claims.

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