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Develop a product strategy that creates product solutions for the customer by planning and preparing an ‘adapted’ 5 minute sales presentation. 1 . Each team will pick a product market. Here are some examples you can choose from. Anything else will need to be approved first, but is always welcome. Cell phones Laptops Tablets Instrument (has to be the same type for all such as an acoustic guitar) Television (flat screen, over 50′) Women’s dress shoes Professional services Electronic game Sectional sofas Car Accessories Specialty Foods Over The Counter (ETC) medication

Hospital supplies Cleaning supplies Office furniture Other? Will need my approval. 2. Preparation: Product Market and Fact Sheet (Mandatory) The team together will identify 3-4 specific brands within the product market. For example, if you select car accessories, you could decide on Car Covers and the top brands would probably be Spacecraft, Weather Tech, Lloyd Mats or other. Together, you can all share company and product information. Each team will develop a Product Fact Sheet that will contain the following (ONE fact sheet per team, typewritten and professional): Name of Companies

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Key Facts About Each Company Name of Product Brands Description of Products (2-3 lines/each) Top Key Features & Benefits of each Product Competitive Analysis Worksheet The team then determines which brand will be sold by each team member. You can decide this beforehand if you like and that way, each one can work on the assigned company/brand. I will need to have your in typed form before class. I have prepared a template for your use. 3.

Individual Assignment: Competitive Product Presentation ($100) From this point forward, each am member is responsible for developing your own product strategy and a 5 minute sales pitch on their assigned product brand. You will then prepare a 5 minute video or Adobe Connect presentation. You will be given a Buyer Profile that will describe your audience or purchasing group, who they represent, and what their general needs are. This will help you tailor your presentation so it’s not ‘canned’. I will provide the scenario as per syllabus. This will make our product presentations a link information through Drop Box.

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