Executive Summary and Table of Contents – Assignment

Executive Summary and Table of Contents – Assignment Words: 344

Managers need to understand what exactly a Brand is. Branding is a term used very frequently in Boardrooms and in Marketing divisions. How is Brand Building different from Promotional activities like Advertising? What all goes into a Brand for it to be a success? Where do we place Branding in our Marketing Plans?

The course tries to answer all such questions with the theories that have been recently conceived and are followed in the Academic circles globally. This course will develop the skillset to create a comprehensive Branding Strategy for anything that comes under the scope of Marketing. 2. CONTENTS OF THE COURSE 1. Brand Equity Models by Aaker and Keller. 2. Brand Identity Models by Aaker and Kapferer. 3. Theory of Brand Personality. 4. Understanding the System of Brands. 5. Limits of Extension of Brands. . Measuring Brand Equity. 7. Concepts of doing a comprehensive Strategic Brand Analysis. 2. COMPONENTS OF EVALUATION Presentation : 20 Project ++ : 20 Attendance ** : 10 Case Analysis : 10 End Term : 40

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Criteria for Evaluation on performance in Presentations Content*** : 10 Presentation Aesthetics : 3 Delivery : 3 Q & A : 2 Time Management : 2 Note: Presentation has to be delivered in a maximum time of 30 min. nd every member of the group has to participate. There would be a Q & A session after the presentation for 10 min. ** 2 Marks deducted for every lecture missed *** Marks on content are further subdivided on the basis of •How comprehensively are the topics covered •Understanding and Explanation of the topic •Examples (preferably Indian) •Visual and aural usage •References ++All the students have to prepare a Strategic Brand Analysis of a company of their choice. The Project has to be submitted in both assignment and presentation format.

Contents of the Branding Project •Executive Summary and table of Contents •Introduction of the Brand (Brand over the years, Market Analysis and Competitive Analysis) •Brand Equity Initiatives •Brand Identity of the Company •Leveraging of the Brand •Brand Valuation •Future course of action Send me both the documents zipped as a single file. Note: All your individual submissions reaching me directly or indirectly should be named as __ _ All your group submissions reaching me directly or indirectly should be named as

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