Individual Executive Summary and My Contribution Assignment

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On a whole we had a very worthwhile experience and a success full presentation in the end. Poor preparing he presentation went through some articles like “The Revolution in Information Technology’ written by Greenness Alan and “A Smarter Web” by Borderland John. I also read a research done by National Research Council named ‘The Internet’s Coming Age”. Also took a lot Of help and information from chapter I and 7 Of book Management Information Systems, 1 lath Eden written by Kenneth C. Lauded and Jane P.

Lauded and from the book Computer Tools For An Information Age, 8th Eden written by Capron,H. L and Johnson. I took the images used in our power point slides from the Internet and the 2 pie charts collected were based on data room Nielsen Online and Negative Search,2008 and Internet World Stats. My contributions For our assignment out oftener topics we chose Digital Information Age. I was the coordinator of my group. My role was decided by my other team mates. My task was to co-ordinate the group and to decide how will we approach the topic and which part will be covered by whom. Cited that one of my group members would be the information re-searcher and he will collect the information, the other member would shorten the information and figure out the key points and I will finalize everything and make the final presentation slides. But as it is said nothing works like it has been planned, the same thing happened with us. We were suppose to work equally for our presentation but at the time of working found that most of the necessary information were collected by me as our information re-searcher didn’t mail me all the information. Also suggested the addition of few examples and collected pie-charts suitable with our topic so that our work becomes easy to get and our presentation looks more vivid to the audience. As had a clear idea on the whole topic also helped in writing my team mates their parts/scripts_ I worked late nights and till the last moment of our presentation. If wouldn’t have done most of the works alone then like other teams even our team couldn’t have managed to present our presentation on the decided date.

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For which later on our whole group got the credit. Key areas and sources of our research The key areas of our presentation were the Digital Information Age itself, how it has evolved with time and the key contributors to it which are the Internet, wireless technologies, improved communication, networked technologies, software and hardware and the growth of video conferencing. Email and social media. The sources found which were extremely helpful for this assignment ere some articles.

In addition I also took a lot Of help and information from the book Management Information Systems. The images and the pie charts used in our power point slides were based on some data and taken from the Internet. Summary of key theories of topic The topic Of our presentation was vast, that is Digital Information Age Which has the indispensable personal and business tools for this era. This topic has such a huge impact in our day to day’s lives that it will be hard to discuss all of it. So I would only summarize the topic and its key theories.

The Information GE, also commonly known as the Computer age or Digital age, is a period in human history characterized by the shift from traditional industry to an economy based on the information computerizing. The onset tooth Information age is associated with the digital revolution. ( Capron,H. L and Johnson,2008) Internet is a public communication system and also known as Gigantic network tot nervous which has became the world s most extensive. It is also the world s largest implementation of client computing and intertwining, linking millions of individual networks all over the world.

To link scientists and university professors round the world, in the early ass’s Internet began as a U. S Department of defense network, (Lauded & Lauded, 2008, p. 287), Wireless technology is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor gore examples cell phones, laptops, remote, Bluetooth, wife, etc . (Lauded & Lauded, 2008, p. 305). Advances in technology have led given birth to many new methods of electronic communication, such as social networking, websites and video conferencing.

The growth of electronic communication or in Other words we may say the increase Of improved immunization has helped to eliminate time and distance as obstacles to and Johnson,ICC) Network technologies allow individuals to identify each other, come together and share information without the need for central co-ordination and leadership. (www. Reporter. Net) Hardware best depicted as a device that is physically connected to our computer, something that is tangible. (Lauded camp; Lauded, 2008, p. SO) Software is a collection of instructions that enables a user to interact with the computer or have the computer execute specific tasks for them.

Its a code installed into the imputer and cannot be touched, (Gauged & Lauded, BIBB, p. 51). E-mail is the exchange of messages through internet. In email the mails can be send to any email old we want, Video conferencing conducts a conference between two or more participants at deterrent sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data, Video conferencing system works much like a video telephone. Social Media is a group of internet based applications build on technological and ideal foundation. Interactions are being allowed through social media.

Findings and practical issues of the presentation Though had some ideas from before about Digital Information Age but while researching about it found my knowledge was very small compare to how in big margin DID through its contributors have affected our lives. Actually have realized that living in this Digital Information Age, it is impossible to avoid being a part Of it. In almost every sector DID has its contributions. Information Age has allowed rapid global communication and networking to shape our modern society. Also found some interesting facts about human nature While working together in a group.

At the beginning we all had different point of sews regarding how Will we approach our topic. When I asked one Of my team member to do anything then from the beginning she easily took her hands off from everything by giving bunch of excuses like it was the first time for her and so this time she won’t be working on the presentation. She only rehearsed her part of the presentation. Meeting time was another issue we faced. The other member was so busy that he couldn’t manage his time for the group meetings. We were able to sit and work together only for once.

One that day some together me and our editor shortened some of the information and distributed the arts and explained which one to be covered by whom and how during the presentation. The works were avoided by my other team mates constantly that had to work on the slides till the last moment because there were some flaws like all the slides were not consistent at the beginning so later on I tried to keep the consistency in all the slides. Used a lot of images which when my other team mates told me sorted that out. I worked really hard on the project so that we can present our presentation on our due date.

In doing all these didn’t got the time for practicing my part at the last moment. Observations and commentary in reservation For our Whole group it was the first time that we were giving presentation. We did well but still there were some problems we faced in the presentation Which could hue been solved if discussed before. Was the introducer Of this presentation and so went at first. As none of us rehearsed together before with the power point slides, in my parts mistakenly my team mate changed 2nd slide a lot before I was done with it.

After seeing that I really became nervous and my voice shivered few times. In terms of dressing as well was not up to the mark. Couldn’t live up to the expectations. After was done was the turn for the next member to present her part. She was really good at memorization and she called me few times and rehearsed in front of me and in front of the mirror a lot. She rehearsed her part very well which showed in the presentation. Her speech delivery was really effective for the presentation which I felt was a big plus point for her and for the whole group.

Then at last it was the turn for the third member of our team. He was supposed to conclude our presentation, We told him many times to practice without looking at his speech but unfortunately he couldn’t engaged it during the presentation but he had the perfect grooming and attire for a formal presentation. At question answer round mistakenly my friend while answering stepped on the multi plug for which the projector turned off. She became really afraid at that moment. We should have given a thought before on how Veil we proceed if any inconvenience occurs practically like this at the time of presentation.

In another tricky question me and my partner both of us together we were answering the same question, we should have sorted that out before as well which we didn’t do. Most importantly we didn’t referenced our individual arts and not much was said about the references list even at the conclusion. All these issues were huge drawbacks for our group. Learning and conclusions of the topic have learnt while preparing this presentation that in a commercialese society, the information industry enables individuals to explore their needs, therefore simplifies all of us of making decisions.

It has become very tough for most of us to pass even a single day Without all these improved communication systems and N.B.,forked technologies we see around us. Digital Information Age has given us the platform to evolve ourselves and our talents. Also have learnt that how he evolution of DID and its contributors have given us the opportunity to figure out what we are good at and how can we do things in much easy and better ways. It has shown us the various ways work can be done in much faster and simpler way if we know how to use these improved technologies in proper ways.

In short Digital Information Age and its contributors have captured every single sector of our works and lives. It has its contribution to our education system, business, healthcare facilities and where not, There is phrase called ‘survivor of the fittest’ and it we want to survive in this Digital Information Age we will have to e fit for it. Executive surname on success and failure Being first timers and also as a whole would say that as a group during the presentation we were quite good, Our content was appreciated by most of the audience.

We were able to present our presentation on the due date. Three of us was capable enough to execute our parts within the approximate time. We also had couple of drawbacks in the presentation, some issues and problems we faced before and during the presentation. One Of my team member exceeded her time a bit though it was informed to her during her rehearsal. Another ember couldn’t avoid reading the script and I didn’t rehearsed my part well enough before the presentation for which faced some trouble.

None of us discussed about the referenced parts Of our presentation much. Still we tackled the questions very well. Maybe I won’t be wrong if I say most of our parts in the presentation were leaning more toward the success rate. Impact of my contributions A lot or most of the works were done by me during the preparation of our presentation, by collecting the relevant information and materials for making the power point slides and organizing them and also why providing the scripts to al my team mates.

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