Executive Summary Assignment

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This report provides some suggestions that can be used for developing the creative thinking of an employee that would add to the productivity and growth of the organization. The chosen organization for this report is BP Insurances which is an Insurance company. The company provides Insurance and financial planning services to individual and commercial clients globally. The Human Resource Department has been chosen-as the most appropriate department of BP Insurance Corporation for encouraging employees to embrace positive creativity and innovation in the workplace.

The Human Resource Department has also been chosen because the recruitment and training of employees is the responsibility of this department. Benefits of creative and lateral thinking include the setting of premium prices for new services and products as a successful new product can lead to large market share, It also increases shareholder returns. The innovative thinking of an individual can also motivate colleagues and boost their morale.

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The barriers confronting creative and innovative thinking can include the devaluing of traditional ways of thinking and overlooking of an individual’s creativity. Management of creativity and innovation helps in addressing international competition and gaining an advantage over other organizations that provide the same services and products. The creatively and innovative thinking also reduces the pressure over the process of business and the straightening of business process management.

Introduction retaliate combined with Innovation when Implemented, helps in flourishing those rights tools that helps in not only growth of company but economy and the country as well. Diversity is the key for promoting innovation, adding to that brainstorming and lateral thinking, It develops innovation and creativity that reaps benefits for company which can be seen both In short term and long term. Creativity and Innovation management has emerged as a new challenge for organizations all over the world.

The creativity and innovation of an organization is very important nowadays because of the increasing international competition In every field for products and services. This assignment Is on straightening the enhancement of creativity and Innovative management that highlights the work of the Human Resource Department of any organization. This report provides some solutions that can be used for developing the creative thinking of an employee that adds to the productivity and growth of the organization.

As mentioned earlier the chosen organization Is BP Insurance which Is a leading insurance provider. BP Insurance is famous for the friendly relations of employees and Human Resource Department. Because of this, BP Insurance attracts a large number of talented and hard working people. Innovation can be said to be one of the most desired goals of companies today, and also It can be said to be least understood one. Literature suggests there Is a difference between creativity and innovation. Creativity is considered as the potential of an individual to unleash the

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