Indigenous People Assignment

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Blob Assignment Value: 30% of final grade The main project for the semester is a blob that students will create and maintain about a current event related to indigenous people in Canada. Students must make at least three blob posts during the course of the semester. Each post is worth 10% of your grade for the blob assignment. What is a blob? A blob is an online forum for sharing information about a specific topic or theme. The word “blob” is a combination of the words “web” and “log,” so you can think of it as an online log of information.

Each log entry is called a post. Each post focuses on particular aspect of the larger theme and is normally written like a diary entry using a first person narrative. See our Blackboard site for an example blob. Media I expect most students will make written blobs using the blob software on our Blackboard site. However, students can also make recorded blobs, either audio bedposts or video blobs. Talk to me if you want to go this route. Blob Post #1 – Current Events Due: seep. 5 For the first blob post, students will identify at least two sources that document a recent current event related to Indigenous people in Canada. These sources can be swapper articles, news video clips, blob posts, website entries, etc. The current event must have happened within the last five years (since 2008). The blob post must summaries each event, including the following information: What happened? When and where did it happen? Who are the main players involved? Why did it happen (or why does the author think it happened)?

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Where is the source from? Who is the author of the source? NOTE: do not simply answer these questions. Craft the information into a coherent and engaging blob post. These blob posts should be at least 1 50 words per source/event and include links to he sources. Due: cot. 23 Choose a current event from the first blob post exercise (this can be a current event you posted or one someone else posted). Discuss the historical and cultural contexts of the event. That is, write about the big picture of which this particular event is a part.

Tell your readers the story of your event. When writing this post, consider the following questions: What class themes (such as residential schools, government relations, health and welfare, education, Justice, etc. ) is your event related to? Are there other historical events related to your event? Is this event the latest development in a series of events? Are there other current events from the same time period related to your event? Again, your blob post shouldn’t simply answer these questions.

Use your answers to write a coherent, engaging backstops to your event. Theses posts should be at least 400 words in length. In addition to the blob post, students are required to provide links to at least two academic articles/sources related to your event’s backstops. For example, if your event is related to residential schools, provide links to sources that discuss the Canadian residential school system. These links should each be accompanied by a short blurb (about 25 words) that tells readers why the link is relevant. Blob Post #3 – Epilogue Due: NOVO. 7 For your final blob post, write an epilogue to your chosen current event. This post should tell your readers what has happened since the event occurred. Are there more recent events related to your event? Have other developments changed the way the event has been understood. For example, are there other explanations for why it happened? What is the contemporary relevance of your event? Why should people know about it? What’s the big deal? Make sue this post is coherent and engaging – it’s your last chance to make an impact!

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