Financial accounting Assignment

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Then the group members critically discussed on how the assignment can be done through the given guideline. Accordingly, we select the base year 2012 and the past four year’s financial statements. This is important for identification of major changes in trends, and relationships and the investigation of the reasons underlying those changes. Information extracted from the financial statements that can facilitate the conclusion of the analysis was gathered and noted.

While it used is historical, our intent is clearly to arrive at recommendations and forecasts for the future rather than provide a “picture of the past”. The performance of pick n pay is assessed by analyzing of profitability, liquidity, efficiency gearing ratios, and cash flow statement. In this way financial condition of the firm is stated and the segmental analysis on profitability and efficiency conducted for the selected five consecutive years. Based on the outlined and stated statement we have explained the future prospects of the pick n pay for its internal and external financial users such as

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Creditors, investors, customers,suppliers and employees. Finally, from the financial statements of the Shoplifter for the year selected as the same for pick n pay financial ratio analysis have been done. Accordingly, the two companies’ financial performance were compared and summarized. And also, our prospect attention and recommendation of the two businesses were concluded The financial analysis is the selection, evaluation and interpretation of financial data.

According to this, from the pick n pay selected years financial statements we analyze uncial data with the respective measurement types of ratio analysis to evaluate the firm’s overall performance and activities of business operation as follows Notes for calculation of financial ratios are annexed to this report.

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