Reaction about cinderella man Assignment

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Since full performance requires, in part, regular and punctual class attendance, students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered. Faculty will establish attendance policies for their courses and communicate those policies through course syllabi or outlines. Departmental office. Courtesy requires that students speak to the instructor and preferably present a signed and dated memo briefly stating the reasons for absence. Faculty members are responsible for keeping records of attendance of all students registered in each class. Students are responsible for completing any work they have issued.

The faculty member is not required to do extra teaching to help students “catch up. ” Holiday Observances: The III Department follows and observes all holidays and break periods identified by the University throughout the academic year and are considered excused absences. These dates can be found on the Ball State website calendar link. Other observances not identified by Ball State, such as those holidays and observances based on cultural customs, are not considered by the III department and the University as excused absences when students choose to remain absent room class at such times.

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Students must follow absence policies as they are described in the “Course Absence Policy’ in this syllabus. Note: these policies may vary among courses. Academic Honesty and Plagiarism: Academic honesty is highly regarded. Academic honesty means that you are the original author of your academic work and progress. Shared, borrowed, and copied work requires appropriate proof through citation methods in order to be included in your own work. You will learn the culturally appropriate writing instructions in your III courses in order to avoid the penalties for academic dishonesty and plagiarism.

Academic dishonesty: using unauthorized aids during tests and other assignments; submitting someone else’s work as your own; includes plagiarism – using another’s word or ideas without proper citation. Plagiarism: is not permitted in any class at Ball State University; using another’s word or ideas without proper citation; may result in No Credit; may result in being expelled from the university; may result in termination of III and Ball State enrollment. Behavior While Taking an Exam The following rules apply when taking any exam which includes the Final Exam

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