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This final assignment we decided to make out in interview format, giving our opinions, asking our friends’, family members’ opinions, so that efferent aspects of topic В«How to be an effective leader? В» were covered. Using of this format is the best way to show the knowledge we gained and points of view we formed during the course. Alexandra, 20, B student from Russia: World history teaches people a lot, and is being a rich source of good examples and crucial mistakes. History shows us a lot of different instances of successful leaders and less successful ones.

Let’s take a look at Germany, 1930-ass. Seemed like country was united by strong leader, whose doctrine was accepted by the most of Germans as successful amongst all over the country and was seen as ultimate leader. He was expected to movie things. But with this case we can see, how strong leader with wrong ideas, beliefs and strategies may cause a huge harm and destroy everything, he is responsible for. This example might seem a bit shocking, but it is still relevant.

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An effective leader should clearly see, what his company needs, how and by what means to improve existing situation, and predict possible outcomes of his actions. Not to go far from history, I always recall my history teacher as one of the best leaders I’ve ever met. She was pretty strict when it came to homework, tests and assignments, but at the same time she was able to make students feel comfortable with her. Being responsive, understanding and choosing informal ways of teaching, but at the same time having strong opinions made her an effective leader.

It was my pleasure to visit all of her lecture, participate in discussions and to be led by her. Denis, 20, B student from Russia: “A candle loses nothing of its flame when lit another candle. ” It is always funny to see when on the workplace during heavy discussions and hard working in one room, in other room sits director and from time to time Just checks owe the work goes. It’s K if company is big and chief really doesn’t need to delve in every detail. But unfortunately such a situation can occur in small offices either. So what is the role of leader?

I think he should be along with all but on one step forward. This means that he should be not only a supervisor, but the most active player of the team; moreover, leader should show an example with his own working appearance! Many companies introduce nice suggestions for offices equip: they eliminate walls or replace them with glass ones to give everybody an opportunity to see how boss works. This is kind of motivation and demonstration of openness: “We don’t have any barriers! We are one team! ” We’d better be realistic, we won’t ruin anything – better think of what more can be done.

It’s clever to spend much time with collective, speaking to them, giving advices (not too much and without pointing at mistakes! ). It is important to understand either what is happening in employee’s work life or how is his emotional condition: what problem does he have, how is his family, children. Knowledge of people’s hobbies, views and interests will result in better communication, working conditions and anally in improved performance. Just don’t cross the line between “party’ and informal working relations.

Everybody is happy to receive leader’s attention! Leader’s role is to be a mentor, supportive advisor or even a coach. Help people to achieve their dreams and aims. If possible, delegate responsibilities taking in account their interests and abilities. When employees work with pleasure, result is better! Pay respect to people you work with, help them and remember: Every member in a Pale, 19, B student from Russia: On one of our Management and Leadership lectures we had a role playing exercise, hen were separated into groups, and I was one of the captains.

My question was: What shall be a good leader or manager like?. Now, after the discussions with all the groups, I came up with this: A perfect leader is not only a good manager, who knows how to make things work. He or she shall be an inspiring example of the best attitude and in the same time might not lose control over the processes he or she is in charge of. After, the lesson, I have mentioned before, I understood that the task of seeking the best leadership skills is by all means connected with the ways of making an organization the most successful.

On the basis of this, I came up with a solution that the only way of allocating the most important managerial skills is analysis of best Organizational patterns. The task had become much easier, after I understood what shall be the starting point. My mistake on the lesson was that I tried to make a list of all the interpersonal skills, but the key was hidden in the right order, not in the amount. The priority of the qualities should be based on what an organization require the most. This picture in my opinion shows one of the most comprehensive organizational models.

All leaders perform in order to build and strengthen their organizations. Maddened, 20, B student from Russia: A leader should be a good example for his team because in my opinion the team’s success is dependent on an effective leader. He/ She should not Just be confident overall, but also confident about his/her decision. A leader has to give correct orders to the team members. Managing people in the right way is a leader’s most important job. A leader should build trust amongst his/her team members so that they consider him/her to be reliable.

An effective leader should be friendly with his team and at the same time know where to draw the line regarding discipline of the team. Davit, 24, Mechanical Engineering, India: An effective leader should be diplomatic and should heed to the opinions of his team. He/she should not make promises he cannot keep and be realistic in his approach. He/she should look at encouraging good work and practices through incentives. He should recognize good work and reward/compliment good accomplishments. A good leader is proactive and offers good guidance to his team members.

He/she should lead by example and prove to his team that what is Czech Republic: A good leader maintains team moral by giving them appropriate amount of work. Too such work can make them tired and unproductive and too less work can cause them to be lazy. He should also give them appropriate break times during the work hours as well as vacations, maternity, casual and other leave. This will help the team persons to not loose motivation to do work. An effective leader handles his/her team in such a way that they want to wake up and come to work and are excited by the prospect of doing work for him/her.

Anna, 19, B student, Russia: Some people are born to be leaders, others don’t. But to improve these qualities and to become the best leader person should practice a lot. First of all leader should be confident and sure about everything what he is doing. Also leader should have such qualities like patience, because when team is Just created it needs more control than ever. And it’s very hard to make people do what you want them to do. So he should be well organized and have an opportunity and power to organize other people.

And what is more important-to do it in right way. Second thing is vision of future and being able to predict some things. Not every member of the team can see amazing opportunities, and to find ways to get this chases. To be a leader means to make everything as fast as possible, faster than others. Thus, sharp feeling of time management, is very important. Good team leader should know the approach to each member of a team. Some people need more hard control, others can be Just asked and they do everything.

He should not threaten anyone, and at the same time have to be strong. But there is important thing that despite these facts he should keep the similar attitude to every person, don’t show that some people he likes and others don’t. Also all members of teams are oriented on team leader, so he has to keep the brand, to show positive example, to be good example to follow. He should be very polite, careful, and tidy. And I’m saying this because I think that appearance plays a big role in companies and team success.

Elizabeth, 19, B student, Russia: To my mind, the term effective leader can be applied to any manager who: is responsible for his actions, for his crew or company, for his duties and tasks’ completion; complies time management and works according to ethics rules; is able to get needed result within a certain period of time; is able to analyze the result and take actions upon it; is able to admit mistakes and take actions over them; is able to apply innovations in his work; is able to develop him or herself and lead to his crew improvement and development.

Yang, 22, designer, Russia: Being charismatic makes you an effective leader, because people are attracted you. Effective leader always makes the most adequate and consensus decision. Probably, he/she also has to have some cool gadget no one else has. With this independent article we tried to collect all our mutual findings and thoughts about concept of Leadership. During live-mode discussions we covered such an leadership styles, findings which we learnt during workshops, and finally, features of n effective leader.

It was interesting to listen and to compare points of view of us and our friends from different countries , of different ages and from different departments. The process of work we found very playful and entertaining. Freestyle assignments are always a field for a fantasy and expression. Important thing is that we didn’t base on any other article, neither used any sources. It is much more interesting to share own thoughts. Hopefully, You enjoyed reading our work! A. Phonographs , A. Shareowner, D. Painting, E. Casanova, N. Ivan, P. Graveled

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