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They had difficulties with the regulations and laws of this country when they open their retailer. Wall-Mart had to increase some prices are certain products. They were accused of pricing their products at a discounted price, below the value and consistently doing it. This would include products like milk, sugar and flour. Local competitors were outraged and this violated Germany’s antitrust laws. 2. What competitive advantages do foreign retailers such as Wall-Mart or Careful enjoy when they enter Asian Markets?

There are several of competitive advantages why would retailers such as Wall-Mart or Careful enjoy when they entering the Asian Market. One is reason is low discounted pricing on limitless products offered. Before Wall-Mart entered China, the local retailers offered the same brands and lacked customer service. Since they entered the NEW retailer offered a limitless of variety product, at low pricing and great enthusiastic customer service. The second reason is targeting a bigger market, for Asian countries have a large population.

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The egger the market to target, with a variety of products thus leaves the more reaching the buy consumer needs. 3. What are some possible competitive advantages of local retailers? Are those advantages transferable to other Asian countries? Some of the possible competitive advantages of locals retailers can be they target a niche market. The niche market can be anything, like location of the store, or the way they make a food item. The local retailer can used a special ingredient in the food. The local retailer can have gourmet items, or specialty items that are not found anywhere else.

It can also be a small gourmet brand that only local retailers sell. Some of these advantages can be transferable to Asian markets depending on the product and market research done on the product. For example; a soy sauce that is sold at a local retailer in a Chinese neighborhood, that product can be sold only in the Chinese market. However if the local retailer is making a product, or buying it locally I would not think that would be cost effective to be transferable in China. Diver you decide Assignment By Fleer De use-Chino

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