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This Is considered a business-to-consumer model because the business will be inducting business transaction and communicating with consumers as opposed to other businesses. The company can focus on selling individual products instead of wholesale books or other Items, which will allow the owners to make a higher profit. Using a website and online advertising will most likely increase the profits for the Johnny’s company. By advertising online for local customers and potential global customers, they will be able to grow their business and Increase their sales without an extremely high production or advertising cost.

Book Bunker could use a personal web page in order to help customers interact with he company. Having a website would allow your customers to learn about the different types of books and services your store offers. The website needs E- Commerce merchant server software that includes electronic catalogs, search engines, and shopping carts. Electronic catalogs are used not only to advertise products and services, but they are used by customers to easily locate Information about the different products and services.

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These can be easily customized to the user’s preferences. It is important for the company to be able to fulfill online, as well as In-store, customers’ orders by keeping books in stock and having a way to easily hip the orders quickly and efficiently to customers. One of the main features your website should offer Is a search engine so that customers can easily search through the site for a particular product. This should allow a customer to type In “children’s books” or “rare books” and pull up every book title available at the time.

It should be made clear to the customers that if they cannot find the title they are searching for, then It can be found by the company. There should be a way for the customers to contact the business, either by phone or email in order to place special requests, express any concerns or problems, or just to check on an existing order. The two major forms of search engine advertising are listing URL and keyword advertising. Search engines are a free tool that anyone can use for advertising.

If people don’t know what your store’s URL is, they can type in a keyword, such as Book Bunker or including your store’s website. An electronic shopping cart is an important feature to have. This allows the customers to place items they are wishing to purchase in the shopping cart, and view them when they are done. In the shopping cart, they can IEEE the products again or make changes before actually making the purchase. This gives the consumer a chance to review what they have and decide whether or not they want to purchase more items or change their decision on what they are purchasing.

When they are ready to buy what is in their shopping cart, they should be able to simply click a button that goes to a separate page to checkout. There should be different mailing options available in case your customer needs a product shipped the next day. This increases customer satisfaction. Your site should also have different payment options available when purchasing an item. Most businesses low the customers to pay by credit card, bank account, or Papal. Your website should also use certain strategies in order to compile user profiles that match certain products to customers and their preferences.

One of the most common ways to achieve this goal is by using a cookie, or “data file that is stored on the user’s hard drive, in which information stored is sent by a remote Web server over the internet. ” (Turban, King, Lang). This process would allow the user to retrieve information about what the customers are viewing or purchasing on the site. Another good option in my opinion would be to build customer profiles based on prior researches. This would allow the company to recommend books or audio files based on what is being purchased more often or what the customer favorites are.

ONLINE ADVERTISING The internet is the best place for your company to start advertising since people are spending increasingly more time online as opposed to sitting in front of the television. Banner ads would be an excellent choice to use, as they can be used randomly or in a search engine. I would recommend using a banner that is designed to catch the consumers’ attention as soon as they see it. A keyword banner would appear when a predetermined word is queried from a search engine and could be used to advertise specifically to consumers searching for books or book stores.

If you wanted to advertise to a wider spectrum of consumers, random banners could be used to appear randomly in order to promote the store’s new online capabilities. When a user clicks on one of the banners, they are automatically transferred to the company’s website, so they can begin shopping around if they wish. Since the company does not wish to use social networking, I would suggest placing ads with Yahoo, Google, or MS. These are the most commonly used search engines ND your ad can be seen by millions of people worldwide. Google allows you to buy keyword ads on the page that contains Google’s results of a search.

So if a consumer is searching for “books” in Google’s search engine, your ad appears on the search results, and thus grabs the attention of the user. There are also a lot of free directories and listing services you can advertise to as well. It is important to input your company into as many of these as possible since your potential customers could be anywhere. GLOBAL LOCAL ADVERTISING Advertising globally can be an excellent way to increase sales by offering your eave a way for people in other countries to understand and relate to your products.

There must be a way to change the languages to that people in other countries can read and easily understand how to purchase a product from your online store. There are different ways of advertising to each country that you should consider before placing a global ad towards other countries. Ways we advertise in the United States may not appeal to consumers in other countries. A good way to advertise locally is by sending emails to potential customers. You could advertise on other local businesses’ websites as well.

There are ways to submit your website to a search engine, such as Yahoo’s, and then visit their “Local” section to input all of your company’s information, such as business hours, services, products, payment methods and more. This allows your business to appear on Yahoo’s local maps and in searches that correspond to your books and products. This helps potential customers in the local area find out what all your store offers and even gives a map of the location of your store, which helps increase foot traffic.

Your local newspaper website can be a good and affordable place to post your business advertising website as well since potential local customers could browse the local ads. There are so many other sites that would help increase your store’s sales locally. Sites like Yellowness or Scraggliest are being increasingly used by people locally every day. If you already have television ads, you can also place the link to your website at the end of the ad so consumers will see it and realize they have the option to shop online.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Customer relationship management systems “entail all aspects of interaction that a company has with its customer, whether it is sales or service-related. ” (Crm- customer) CRM helps build relationships with each customer by helping to understand what the existing customers want, making a better customer experience online, attracting new customers, and decreasing customer management costs. Without customer satisfaction in all areas, the business does not stand to gain any profitability.

All customers want good, quality service and products at an affordable price. CRM can be achieved by providing better products and services to the customers and this helps the business to grow in many ways. Your business needs to know what products have the highest potential of selling and which are the most and east profitable. Your business can achieve good customer relationship management by being reliable, honest, accessible to all customers, considering the customers’ needs first, having a quick response time, and simply being a loyal business.

The main focus of CRM is having a high customer satisfaction rate in order to grow your business and improve your sales. “In a CRM system, information is entered and accessed by a range of employees through the company, including sales, marketing, customer service, human resources, product engineering and manufacturing, and accounting and finance personnel. ” (Turban, King, Lang). A CRM system should contain an extensive amount of customer information in order to know what each existing customer is purchasing.

It should also include customer contact information that would allow you to send promotions, discounts, or Just advertisements to the existing customers. It should help your business understand what the customers’ preferences There are so many reasons Book Bunker should advertise online in order to grow your existing business and increase sales. Since you are competing with other major competitors, it is important to bring more customers to your store with appealing advertising.

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