Internet marketing Assignment

Internet marketing Assignment Words: 305

The Internet provides a business the opportunity to improve their marketing effort and to gain competitive advantage. I’m going to explain three benefits and opportunities for Perfect Paints. The three benefits that have been provided by the Internet are Opportunities provided by the Internet to the business are opportunities to access customers and arrests, opportunities to improve availability and opportunities for business efficiency.

Internet Marketing offers many opportunities to businesses In relation to product development in many ways. Internet marketing Is also known as online marketing where businesses are able to advertise their goods and services Vela the Internet and maybe present It worldwide. It Is the latest and speedy advertising strategies In today’s business world. Internet marketing covers, public relations, customer service, sales and information management just like any other traditional racketing strategy.

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Internet marketing is vital for some businesses such as those that are ONLY based ‘online’. Also is plays a really good role for them and also for other businesses as it provides many opportunities in relation to product development. One strategy of internet marketing that identifies product development opportunities is that it allows immediate sales of products; this can include banking, insurance policies. Etc. Benefiting to customers as they would not need to Waste’ time through dating at queues; searching for items in crowds; looking for prices etc.

Also businesses would be able to gain more customers and enlarge their product awareness etc. Businesses would be able to encourage more sales through this as it includes other marketing strategy in one page of a website, or with few clicks of a mouse for example when searching for a product before purchasing it customers/ individuals are able to view other formats of the product such as videos, images, information etc.

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