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P1 Describe the role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context (a) Tesco’s PLC – is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer. They are the third biggest retailer in the world measured by revenue and the second largest by profits. They have stores in 14 countries across Asia, Europe and North America and are the grocery market leader in the UK. (b) Easy Jet PLC -The airline was established in 1995. Easy jet is a British airline which carries the most passengers than any other airline in the United Kingdom.

They operate on domestic and international services across 500 routes118 European, North African, and West Asian airports. I am going to prepare a report for the attention of the management team for two contrasting organisations Tesco and Easyjet. In this report I will be introducing the unit of internet marketing, define what internet marketing is about and the role of internet marketing. Also I will provide a section on which ways internet marketing is used. This report will also include information on how customers can benefit from the online services and the online business itself.

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Procedure: In order to produce the report successfully, I will use relevant websites such as www. tesco. com and Easyjet. com These will help me to check how well both businesses are operating online and how they promote their online business. The Role of Internet Marketing: The internet marketing introduces the products and services online. Businesses that aim for profit intend to market their products through the internet because it’s a beneficial way of increasing the organisation’s profit, sells and also increases the number of their customers.

Marketing in the business world is about finding out what customers want and expect from the business, therefore it is important to provide the best and easiest way to operate the business. Internet is a quick way for the business to connect with its customers. Businesses tend to go online because they can easily promote their business into the global level, which is an inexpensive way. Internet marketing can also help the business achieve its smart objectives, for example increase online sales by 15% by the end of 2010 or increase customer retentions by 20%.

The SMART objectives are specific as it gives full information on what the business needs to do in order to achieve its objectives. It is also measurable to see whether the business is achieving the objective successfully or not. Smart objectives can also be timely, realistic and achievable. Online businesses tend to use the marketing mix in order to break the aims and objectives and achieve them successfully. Products: This includes the types of products Tesco sells and how Easyjet provides for customers, for example Tesco provides good products and house equipments whereas Easyjet provides customers with good deals on tickets.

Prices: This includes the prices of the products sold, or the prices that Tesco and Tesco set to sell their products/services. Both businesses set their price list after checking the prices of other similar businesses to theirs. They can either set the prices lower or higher. Place: This is where the products are going to be sold i. e. where the business sells their products. Tesco sells its products through its store or over the internet. Easyjet sells its services through the internet as you can view online the best tickets available and then try to negotiate over the phone as well.

Promotion: This is where both businesses are going to attract people’s attention to buy the products/services and make them aware of the products in the market. It includes advertisements and promoting the products/services such as offering special offers for their customers. However operating online will require three additional marketing mixes: people, process and physical evidence. The 3Ps that have been added to the marketing mix as operating online does not require any physical products, i. . they are selling services or products that we cannot actually touch or feel. People: This refers to all the customers, employees, employers, suppliers and all the people involved in the business. It is very important for the business to meet the satisfaction of its people because the reputation of the business is in people’s hands. This also includes contacting with customers via email. This will help the business to stay in contact with the customers and find out their n

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