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Jacob Lepley BUS325 Report One Amazon. com I have recently been hired by amazon. com to analyze their company’s marketing communications strategy. In the first part of my report I will focus on how the company handle’s direct communication, traditional mass marketing, personalized communication, and general online communications. The last portion of my report I will discuss what marketing strategies amazon. com executes well and which ones they need improvement on. Amazon. com handles direct communication with a remarkable sales force. When you visit amazon. om you are provided with list of departments to shop from along with a search engine you can use to find just about any item on the market at an extremely low price. Amazon. com has made it very simple for customers to purchase items with a simple click of the mouse. One-click and item goes to your shopping cart where you can proceed to check out or continue shopping. When you have everything you need, even if the items are from different sellers you make just one payment are your orders are processed. They also have customer service reps ready to serve you either by e-mail or by phone.

Through email amazon. com provides personalized communication. Unless you opt out of email notifications from amazon. com, you can be sure to get recommendations for products to buy based on recent purchases and from what others have bought similar to your purchases. Another way they provide personalized communication is through their web site. Amazon. com has business programs that service customers by allowing them to not only advertise through them but also can sell products, self-publish, and will even help build an e-commerce site.

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You can find more information about amazon. com business services by visiting: http://www. amazon. com/gp/help/customer/display. html/ref=hp_navbox_lnbus_header? nodeId=16465271 . Amazon. com handles the traditional mass marketing in a couple of ways but a TV commercial is not one of them. According to cnet. com “The online retailing giant has terminated its use of TV advertising and instead plans to focus on luring customers with free shipping offers and lower product prices, company spokesman Bill Curry said. However, they do have other forms of advertising like print ads that are shipped along with items you purchase, but mostly the advertisements are done on-line. To continue amazon. com handles on-line communications through “associates program, which pays commissions to Web sites for sending it customer leads. In addition, the online giant will continue to advertise on other Web sites, as well as in newspaper inserts. (http://news. cnet. com/Amazon-switches-off-TV-ads/2100-1017_3-984007. html)” As stated before unless you opt out of emails, amazon. om will advertise its products and new features through direct email. Amazon. com is also sponsored by CreateSpace, a business of On-Demand Publishing LLC, also Penguin Group (USA), one of the leading U. S. adult and children’s trade book publishers, owning a wide range of imprints and trademarks, and Publishers Weekly is the leading publication serving all segments involved in the creation, production, marketing and sale of the written word in book, audio, video and electronic formats. (http://www. amazon. om/gp/help/customer/display. html? ie=UTF8=200291620=1249751758=2-1) Amazon’s online transactions were discussed as part of their sales force and can be included in this category along with their associate programs. By far I believe that amazon. com on-line communications skills are far more superior to most e-businesses. I think they actually revolutionized the way e-businesses are handled in the early 21st century. “Consider this: Amazon offers an easily searchable trove of 3. 1 million titles–15 times more than ny bookstore on the planet and without the costly overhead of multimillion-dollar buildings and scads of store clerks. That paves the way for each of its 1,600 employees to generate, on average, $375,000 in annual revenues–more than triple that of No. 1 bricks-and-mortar bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc. ‘s 27,000 employees. (www. businessweek. com)” Another huge advantage is the way it handles past purchases and making recommendations to buyers. If any of amazon. com marketing strategies need improvement I would say the traditional mass marketing.

TV commercials, billboards, and radio commercials can be very affective in bringing in new customers however, at a price. Considering this is an e-business maybe traditional mass marketing costs just aren’t worth it when you have other forms online. Overall amazon. com executes all its marketing strategies very well. Performing near flawlessly in all categories has made amazon. com “what started as Earth’s biggest bookstore has rapidly become Earth’s biggest anything store (http://www. answers. com/topic/amazon-com). ” Works Cited Amazon switches off TV ads – CNET News. ” Technology News – CNET News. Web. 08 Aug. 2009. . “Amazon. com: Help Business Opportunities. ” Amazon. com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. Web. 08 Aug. 2009. . “Amazon. com: Help Publisher & Vendor Guides Books Breakthrough Novel Award Sponsors. ” Amazon. com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. Web. 08 Aug. 2009. . “Amazon. com: Information from Answers. com. ” Answers. com – Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more. Web. 08 Aug. 2009. .

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