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In this report I will be talking about the effectiveness of the warty cream. I think that specimens A and E are both effectively outliers due to the fact that there results are both way of in comparison to the other results gained by the other subjects. The best estimate is that they are both in fact outliers. I personally feel that if they wanted this to be a more reliable and non-bias study they would have to perform multiple repeats on the tests with new specimens. I would handle the outliers by simply removing them or retesting them. The total mean of all the results is 39. 1 and the range of the results is 88. 00. I feel that the set of results are all perfectly valid as they are all similar in terms of number span. Think that the strength of the sets are rather strong however there are 2 noticeable outliers that I previously stated further more making me doubt my current judgment on the matter. However in terms of basing it on sample size the best estimate is that the data is in the correct range of reliable and valid results. There is no real difference in the set of results which further ore makes me confident that these results are infant reliable.

There is no real difference in results apart from the fact that the newer warty cream has a little more potency in terms of more dramatic reducing speeds than the other cream called “Face Brute”. However the range of Face Brute was quite a bit smaller than that of the newer warty cream. This is suggesting that the old warty cream may have smaller shrinkage of the wart but is infant more reliable and the patients all had a closer number span. In terms of whether or not I would publish the research I think that I would, if hey researched into why there were a couple of outliers in the data.

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I feel that this newer warty cream is more effective than the other at reducing the size of the wart(s) however feel that face brute is a little more reliable. However I feel that if they public were given a choice of whether or not they wanted reliability or speed I think they would choose the latter. So I think that they have enough results and reliable and feasible numbers to present the paper and send the cream into production.

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