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First of all HER Managers left the job without giving any notice to the management of the company and for that company can take legal actions against the roomer HER Manager. Before that company should conduct an exit and release interview to former HER Manager to know the reasons behind the action. To do that Company can communicate with former HER Manager to do the exit interview. If he/she come to the interview then company can ask the reasons and both parties can talk and make a decision.

In this interview company can offer his/her job again if he/she is willing to join the company. If he/she is not coming for the interview and he/she has a company car or mobile, company can take legal actions like he/she went without informing and for that many can cut the salary of that month because he/she left against the company policy. After finishing the exit interview and after discussing all the things company can take legal actions against former HER Manager for going against the policy of the company. And also company can hire a new HER Manager for the job.

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Task 2 (Essay) Human Resource Management and the Impact of the Legal and Regulatory Framework HER Manager Plays a huge role in a company and the success company achieve directly goes to the HARM. Mainly HER Manager Role is to give advice to the employees about their trainings, legal rights and how to solve robbers and building a strong relationship between the employees and the company. If Management is not following the legal rights given by the authority then there wouldn’t be any smoothness in the working environment and without that company cannot achieve their objectives. HARM is a strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasizes that leveraging people’s capabilities is critical to achieving competitive advantage, this being achieved through a distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programmer and practices” (Britton & Gold 2007: 7). According to Edwin Hippo “Personnel management is the planning, organizing, insemination, integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of contributing to organizational, individual and societal goals”. The difference between HARM and Pm is that HARM is a proactive function and PM is reactive function.

In HARM they deal with managing workforce that is one of the primary resources of the company which contributes the success of the company. On the other hand PM deals with payroll, employment low, training, recruiting and handling related tasks. HARM gives more importance to the employees’ abilities. On the other side PM gives their highest importance to the rules given by the company. In HARM they always work along with teams rather than working with divisions which practices in PM. Decision making is fast in HARM than in PM. Because in PM decision making is slow.

Human Resource can make better and positive contribution to any company. First of all HARM needs to understand the objectives and create a capable workforce and encourage them in order to achieve the target goals. To do this HARM has to have a good HARP. HER needs to forecast the requirements of the company to identify whether they have enough employees to do the work in order to achieve the objectives and do they have sufficient skills to work. HARM has to monitor employees’ performance through performance gap. Based on that gap they can measure the employees’ performance level.

To achieve the objectives HARM has to have proper plan to keep the employees in the company. For that they can motivate employees by giving rewards and flexible working environment. Employees need to behave according to the rules and regulations of the company and if they are not behaving well then HARM responsibility is to control them and motivate them by giving punishments so that they can work hard to achieve the company objectives. HARM need to give proper training to the employees so that they can improve heir knowledge and skills in the workforce.

Motivation plays a big role in achieving objectives of the company. Motivation can be done by giving opportunities to the employees and participating employees in decision making if relevant to their working environment and helping them through their works. Health and safety is always important for the employees in every company. Legal factors are the most important factors in any workplace. Employees feel safe and equal among others in the working environment This helps employees to work hard and achieve their target objectives.

There re certain legal and regulatory frameworks on HARM need to follow in which company has to practice on their working environment. According to the UK Government discrimination is against their law and many companies practice this factor in their company. Avoiding discrimination can be done among males, females and disable peoples who work in the company. The impact Of this would be that there will be no paying difference and company can pay the employees according to their level of roles and responsibilities and their positions. Avoiding disability discrimination would help the company to build good image in the market place.

Company can make their rules according to the nature of people so that there won’t be any chance to discriminate an employer indirectly or intentionally. Sexual harassment is a major problem in a working environment especially for females. When there is unwelcome physical contact, touch or words that make a person feel uncomfortable is also a type of harassment. After following this act company can provide a better working environment for all the employers and employees so that if anything happens they can take immediate legal action against the person or the company.

Company should consider legal and regulatory framework when they dismiss an employer because if the dismissal is unfair then there will be a chance to the employer to sue the company. Company should give a notice to the employer before he/she dismissed so that he/she can find another job and there should be a time period between the dismissal and notice for an employer given according to the time duration he/she worked but if the company dismiss the employer without giving any notice, then employer can go for Employment Tribunal. According to Employment Tribunal Act 1996 company should give a notice before dismissal.

In tribunal procedure employer has to present the applications to the court. If he/she won the case, company should give his/her job back. Here employer get a chance to choose whether he/she will join the company or join with another branch if not he/she can ask for redundancy pay. Every company should have a HARM so that they can manage the employees and the work place in order to achieve their objectives and goals. A clear explanation and difference given about HARM and PM so that they can understand and evaluate the difference task they do. Personnel Managers need to make decision quickly so that there onto be any gap in productivity time.

HARM functions help the company to achieve their target objectives and goals. Legal and regulatory framework on HARM is very important because if company does act legal factors, the impact of that action may cost a lot for the company. Companies need to avoid discrimination and harassment so that everyone who works in the company can do their work with comfortably. They need to dismiss an employer according to the law and if they failed to do then employer can go for tribunal. By doing this kind of actions company may lose good opportunities and respect in the marketplace.

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