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To understand the problems with the Genetically Modified Organisms (GEM) Foods one must first know of a company by the name of Monsanto. Monsanto was founded in 1901 in SST. Louis, Missouri. The company’s first product was the artificial company leaders realized the growth opportunities in the industrial chemical industry and renamed the company The Monsanto Chemical Company. In 1964, the company produced its first Roundup herbicides. This successful product propelled Monsanto into public consciousness.

During the sass’s, Monsanto encountered a major legal obstacle. The company had produced a chemical known as Agent Orange. This chemical was used during the Vietnam War, to deforest thick Vietnamese Jungles. Agent Orange contained dioxin that was a carcinogenic which caused cancer in many Vietnam Soldiers. The company changed its name back to Monsanto Company and tried to rid out the chemical public eye. Following the mess with the Vietnam War Monsanto focused on GEM food and dove into the biotechnology field.

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In 1994 Monsanto was selling soybean, cotton, and canola seeds that were engineered to be tolerant to Monsanto Roundup Ready herbicide. Roundup Ready seeds allowed farmers to use the herbicide to eliminate weeds while sparing the corp.. Unfortunately, for the public, there was no affects studies required to be conducted on the effects of killing these other weeds. This is discussed later in this document. Today Monsanto Company is the world’s largest seed company, with sales over $10. 5 billion. It specializes in biotechnology, or the genetic manipulation of organisms.

Monsanto scientists have spent the last few decades modifying crops, often by inserting new genes or adapting existing genes within plant seeds with the thought of producing larger yields, hardier plants, and Roundup tolerant. 4 Let us discuss some (few) of the problems associated with GEM foods. There has been numerous scientific studies conducted with GEM food and the effects GEM foods have done on the animal kingdom and environmental impacts. Unfortunately, but true, no tests are mandated here in the U. S. Y the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The United States are a major worldwide supplier of farmed foods. In 2010 93-95% of all soybeans were GEM and 85% of corn was GEM. The amount of soybeans and corn eaten worldwide is tremendous. A study conducted, in England, by 20 top scientists in the world evaluated the effects on GEM foods. 1000 rats were separated into three groups. The first group was fed potatoes that were GEM; the second group was fed organic potatoes; the third group was fed potatoes that had been sprayed with roundup.

After 10 weeks of monitoring and feeding, the result was incredible. The only group to have any side effects of the potatoes was the GEM group. Almost every rat, or offspring, that was fed the GEM potato had one or more of the following symptoms; Pre- Cancerous Cell Growth Smaller Brains, Livers, and Testicles Partial Atrophy of the Liver Damaged Immune System Death No study, to date, of this kind has been conducted on humans, however, studies of illnesses and sicknesses have been studied of the past number of years.

Since the inception of GEM foods the following has been uprising at an unprecedented scale and has been linked to GEM foods; Smaller Babies xx more death rate of infants Nutrient deficient humans Bone diseases Sterilization in men and women Reproductive Problems Accelerated Aging Organ Damage Dysfunctional Regulation of Cholesterol and Insulin Environmental concerns associated with GEM area; Death of bees Certain insects dying off which birds eat Nutrient Deficient Cattle due to the lack of nutrients in their GEM fed grains/corn.

Farmer fields not being able to produce organic vegetables after producing a group of GEM food. The roundup will stay in the ground for extended periods of time resulting in the inability to grow organic foods for years. There are over 40 plant diseases, on the rise, in the U. S. The Monsanto Company produced Roundup tolerant crops, which pull nutrients from the soil, and do not rejuvenate that soil. Additionally, fields sprayed with roundup become nutrient deficient and take many years to regain that lost nutrients.

Many countries around the world, to include many third world countries, have laws mandating labeling of GEM foods. The U. S does not have any law or regulation requiring food producers to tell the consumer if their product is GEM approved. Why? One answer, very likely choice, would be that our government is corrupt and officials are bribed and forced to support large corporations such as Monsanto. An example of this corruption is the resume of Michael Taylor. His assignments have been; 1976 – Attorney for the F.

D. A 1981 – Attorney for Monsanto Corp.. 1991 – Deputy Commissioner for Policy for the F. D. A (President Bush appointed) 1998 – Vice President for Policy for Monsanto Corp.. 2009 – Senior Advisor to the F. D. A (President Obama appointed) 010 – Deputy Commissioner for Foods for the F. D. A As one could see that Michael Taylor is both invested in the F. D. A and the Monsanto Corp.. This is one of many instances of one might believe that there is corruption in the U. S.

Food regulation and administration. There has been numerous cases, too many to list, of GEM related topics addressed in front of Congress which have been ignored or swept under the table. The U. S. Keeps in civilians ignorant of the GEM hazards and the behind the scene scams associated with Smog’s. The Monsanto Corp.. Thrives, as most businesses, to make a profit regardless of the harm that they cause on human life or our environment. The ethical responsibility of the Monsanto Corp. is lacking.

They have created very harmful and environmentally unsafe products which they have not accepted social or ethical responsibility. The creation of Agent Orange, Roundup, and GEM foods have created a disaster for the human race and the world. It is our responsibility to stop this crime and protect our the future of our decedents and this world. Monsanto Seed Corp. Case 1: Business Ethics Ninth Edition: Farrell, Frederica, Farrell http://www. Monsanto. Com Movie: Seeds of Death

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