Intellectual Property Assignment

Intellectual Property Assignment Words: 258

Do not post in batches (for example, all posts in one day); instead, space out your posts regularly. 5. In your posts, you need to demonstrate that: You have read the materials You understand the legal concepts and how to apply them; and You are able to bring together all the materials to show new and deep understanding of the discussion at hand. 6.

Read what other students have posted and respond to them; you will also be graded for the amount and quality of engagement with the ideas of others. Hence, at least one of your posts should comment on or respond to what other students have posted (have they got their facts and theories right; have they applied them correctly and in what way; and in what way have you learned from what they write? ) 7. This assignment will be graded, and relevant criteria will be no. Of postings, relevance, reflection and interpretation, generating learning and evidence of practical application. . Please note that the rules on academic honesty and plagiarism apply to this Graded Discussion Board assessment. You should use your own words and ideas as much as possible, and cite any external sources that you refer to. You should be able to think of as many points as you can, or for each point as many angles of looking at it as you can. Don’t Just get stuck in one thing! Write in full and proper sentences with correct punctuation and spelling, like you would in an essay. Please observe online etiquette.

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