Kinesthetic Learner Assignment

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Education used to be hours of lecture with a test at the end, whereas now education has so many different approaches such as presentations, group assignments, visual context and even games. All of these different approaches have come about from the realization that not every child or adult learns the same way. The different styles of learning have been narrowed down to visual, aural, reading/writing and kinesthesia. This paper will discuss kinesthesia learning as this is the learning style of the Author. The kinesthesia learner is a very hands on type of learner.

He or she can only remember how to do something if they do it themselves. Natural senses are used such as smell and touch. Things like textures and patterns are also very important when working with this type of learner. They must move around and put their hands on the project. It is very difficult for this type of learner to sit in class and read a textbook to learn. There is almost a guarantee that nothing will be retained this way. The more senses and muscles that are used during learning help increase the amount of information that is remembered (Nelson, 2013).

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Another important aspect to kinesthesia learning is using trial and error. Trial and error helps the student receive immediate feedback on what they did incorrectly. Some of the learning strategies that have proved useful to the author of this paper are waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment, keep a snack close by, create note cards to reference later and always be sure to be comfortable. Even though waiting to the last minute is not a good practice while in school, it keeps the assignment a challenge that has to be completed, thus more interactive.

Having a snack links the information to the snack, if you can member the sack you can remember the information. Note cards to reference later allow the learner to walk away from the topic for a little while and be able to return to it. Being comfortable while studying helps to relax and be able to focus. There are other suggestions for the kinesthesia learner such as writing on a white board, drawing pictures related to the topic, take creative notes, walking and talking about the subject, incorporate pictures or models, make note cards or sample tests, and sitting where you can actively participate in discussion. Nelson, 2013). These suggestions are all things that have proven useful for other kinesthesia learners. When it comes to learning we must also focus on the educator and equip them with the newest skills and tricks to helping their students retain information. It is important to incorporate all four learning styles to prevent boredom and keep the attention of the class. It is not recommended that all four styles be used in one lecture as it can confuse the learners. Using variety over several different sessions is ideal (BARK, 2015).

Developing a education plan that can suit all he students need is nearly impossible but the instructor can make themselves available to the students if there is any issues or trouble understanding. “Educators now recognize that students bring to the classroom different learning styles, intelligence preferences, and interest, and the most effective teachers incorporate these factors into their instructional plan (Powell, 201 1 Educators hold the keys to student success, and have such a large impact on each student. In conclusion it is crucial for instructors to tend to individual and group needs within a class.

An instructor who notices a downward slope in a students grades should address the questions of “is this the right type of learning? ‘, “am I presenting a variety of learning styles? ‘. Determining the answers to these questions will help both the instructor and the student. Students and educators are going to always evolve, it is important for both parties to help each other to create the best outcome. Students can help each other and their instructor to understand different learning styles and how to mold the information to create a better learning environment.

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