Rogers Assignment

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Rogers had negotiated with Yard and they had come to agreement where the salary and bonus offered to Yard is commensurate. Although they had come to a deal but, Yard still can’t leave his current job due to the six- onto notice contract and for Yard it is very important to him to leave the job in a good term and condition.

Bayou, the CEO of the Bayou Companies had urged Roger to fasten up the process to in board Yard in the company as soon as possible as they facing the loss in mismanagement day by day. They can’t bear the cost. Roger had come to a plan where he offered another great bonus to Yard if Yard can start to work with them as early as possible. Yard had been thinking about it and he thought that it is slightly insulting him by motivating him through money. Yard said that is not about money but the responsible to his current job that had hold him to stay until the contract end. I. Chronology iii. Key issues. The key issues in the case is where Yard thought that the bonus that Roger offered to Yard is the way of insulting him. While Roger offer the bonus in order to motivate Yard to start working with them as early as possible. Iv. Case discussion questions. 1 . Motivating top talent who are willing to engage themselves and their families for international assignments will be a difficult challenge as there are overall motivations that drives the managers to accept an international assignment more than money.

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First, they attempt to find career advancement opportunity, be due to their high potential status, high marketability. They are likely to have a lot of opportunities to further improve the quality of their career by accepting international assignment. Second is a high inborn motivation that often drives the manager to a high willingness to acquire international assignment that is generally considered as an work experience filled with great challenges. Based on Yard’s perspective, the bonus offered by Roger is considered 2. S insulting him. This is due to the extent to his motivation is based upon the fundamental value of the business that he’s doing. He get offered a big amount of money to get him in board to the business as seen as bad action. Since he have the responsibility to finish his project in his current job and as a form of respect to the initial agreement that has been negotiated with Roger. 3. The first thing that will do if Yard found that my way of offering him the onus as insulting, I will directly explain the reason offered him that bonus.

I will explain the current situation of the company where the company is at loss and having him in board will help to resolve the mismanagement and also missing the opportunities to prevent the progress of the company be blocked by other companies that have greater potential. 4. The best strategies that can be use to motivating them to continue at such a high performance level is to clarify them the objective of the company in order for them to understand better about the company.

A company can have the benefit from communicating its vision or strategies for the organization and step that are necessary to be taken so everyone can understand well why things need to be execute based on the vision. Next, in order for them to work effectively; they need to be expose to the picture of the success of the company. Thus, will directly motivate them to work hard for the company as they are more likely to understand their big role in the organization itself.

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