Physical examination Assignment

Physical examination Assignment Words: 414

For this week’s assignment, you are to complete a mental status exam on someone you know, or a patient (If you are completing on a patient no identifying information should be included in your MESS). Please use the information regarding what a MESS includes provided in chapter 6 of your textbook. You can submit it in any format. Please put in dropped labeled “Mental Status Exam. ” This assignment is due by 2359 next Tuesday (1 7 Feb., 2015).

The individual was interviewed at her kitchen table following a day at work. Mrs.. S is a middle aged, slightly overweight white female who appears her dated 56 years of age. She appears to have clean hygiene, neatly and appropriately dressed in khakis and a sweater and is in good general physical health. She was friendly, cooperative and made eye contact throughout interview, spoke with clear, normal rate and tone. Mrs.. S was alert and awake through the conversation orientated to person, place, time and situation.

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Much of the conversation she was smiling and her attention and concentration were intact aside from the body movements which included fidgeting and curling placemat on table throughout much of interview. Thought patterns coherent and consistent with reality, denies any visual or auditory hallucinations. Mrs.. S stated she is content with her current status in life and is happy to have a new grandchild, her posture and tone congruent with her response.

The only major concern for her right now is the declining health of her mother which she says makes her sad from time to time watching her age and her abilities of the activities she once loved decline. She feels sometimes she doesn’t know how she can help her without being there all the time and that makes her feel bad at times. She denies any major phobias, obsessions or compulsions. Her responses to hypothetical questions were appropriate and the manner in which she copes with difficult situations at work and home showed an appropriate degree of judgment.

Immediate recall and recent memory were intact, demonstrated by her ability to recall three unrelated objects immediately and then again after 15 minutes had passed. The information was consistent with information given by her son. Mrs.. G’s vocabulary and knowledge was congruent with her college level education and current employment as a college professor as she was able to interpret what the 3 proverbs I asked meant and performed functional calculation skills correctly.

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