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However, it is not absolutely necessary for teachers to be unionized to ensure that they have their labor protection and financial needs met. Emerson) When unions completely vanish, Americans lose their right to bargain collectively for their pay and benefits. Even those who have never bargained collectively will feel some loss. Union workers usually maintain a 20% wage advantage over nonunion workers. From 1979 through 2006 the union density collapsed and real wages for managerial employees rose by 4%, whereas before the collapse during its peak, real wages rose by 75%.

Workplace dissatisfaction does not occur as much as alienation. Union members tend to segregate themselves from nonunion members. This operation seems to OCCUr to allow union members to “protect” themselves and their union rights; where they find strength in their “one-for-all and all- for-one” stance. 2. List and discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages in using seniority as a factor to determine shift preference or overtime assignments. Personnel based off of seniority allows for one to look at the longevity of the worker and their knowledge of how the system works.

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If an employee has been with a corporation/industry for several years, they know the ropes of not only their job potentially, but the job of their manager and other nifty title tricks that can be useful when promoting or moving an employee up the ranks. A new employee, though they are vigorous and very hard working in their duties, need to be established and have already been invested in with training with their current job. To fill the job once again after recently employing the current positions is expensive for HER.

Since seniority based personnel has more knowledge of the company and a greater long-term investment, it is more likely when there is an economic downturn to layoff new workers rather than those that have been with a company over an extended period of time. This is an advantage when factoring the determination of shift preference or overtime assignments since there is loyalty from the employee and it would be best to satisfy those that managers feel that they can count on. Small Business) The downside of using seniority of the workplace to determine shift/overtime scheduling is that some workers that are unionized tend to be less proactive on assignments and may take twice the time to finish a project than a younger individual who has a better work ethic. On a personal note, I am fairly new at my current job. I have been here for only 5 weeks, whereas some employees have been working at the retail outlet for 3-5 months. Have been promoted more quickly through the ranks due to my work ethic and now am an assistant manager for the outlet store.

Because of my bill¶y’ to work hard, can request time off or particular schedule changes when needed for medical appointments or as I am tying to schedule my wedding. Also, anyone beneath the ranks of assistant manager are not allowed to work over 39 hours, whereas managers are eligible for overtime work compensation pay. 3. Identify two different steps a company should take to prepare for its first round of bargaining with the union pre-negotiation activities. Explain why each of the steps you have identified is critical to achieving an initial successful collective bargaining agreement with the union.

Both parties should bargain in good faith in the collective bargaining process; meaning that there is a mutual obligation and understanding that both parties must participate actively to come to an agreement. It is important determine the category of bargaining: mandatory, permissive, or illegal. Mandatory category includes wages, health & safety, management risk, work conditions, and benefits; permissive category is non- required requests but are brought up during the bargaining process; illegal category is topics that are obviously not allowed to be discussed. Aids) After both parties are prepared to present their side of the bargain, negotiation teams are set up and consist of individuals with the knowledge of the organization and must have the skills to be an effective negotiator. The most important part of the preparation step is the understanding in both parties of he working conditions and the dissatisfaction with of working conditions. The management teams should also prepare and anticipate union demands to better prepare for compromises. Aids) After both sides have prepared and set up a time, the novo parties present their proposals to each other. In this step, it will likely involved an opening statement and options on how to resolve the current issues that will be presented. The most important part of this step is to approach the proposal with a “lets make it work” attitude. After the initial discussion, each party goes back to the drawing board to determine which request can and can’t be honored. (Aids) 4. Identify and explain the major ways in which the government is an important participant in the labor relations.

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