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The researcher has decided to conduct an investigation on the increase in the level of peer pressure among teenagers in the community. Statement of Problems What are the factors affecting the level of peer pressure and its effect in my community? Reason For Selecting Area of Research The researcher has decided to construct a research on the factors contributing to the negative effect of peer pressure among teenagers in my community. The researcher has observed that the teenagers in the community are delinquent and they are absent from school on a regular basis.

The researcher is also deciding to carry out a possible solution to control this issue. Method of Investigation In order to collect data for this survey the researcher decided to use printed questionnaires. The questionnaires are a collection tool of data and have had several advantages. It is more convenient It requires less time to be completed. It encourages confidentiality Data Collection Instrument 665 Savvies Gardens Kingston 1 1 Phase 1 SST. Andrew Dear Residents, This research is being carried out in the community to figure out the level of peer pressure among teenagers.

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This is an assignment for the Social Studies (EX.) Examinations. You are required to answer the following questions honestly by putting a tick beside the answer of your choice, but you will not e required to write your name because it is confidential. Yours sincerely, Lorenz Willis Questionnaires Tick and fill in the answer of your choice. 1 Gender Male Female 2. Age 13-15 16-17 18-19 3. Do you face peer pressure in your community?? Yes No Maybe 4. Are you easily pressured? Yes No Maybe Sometimes 5. How often do you face peer pressure? Hourly Never Sometimes Always 6. What are the causes of peer pressure for you?

Parents Drugs Alcohol Other 7. What are some of the activities that young people are pressured into pa artic pate in the community? Homosexual Activities Sexual Activities Stealing Smoking Gambling Other 8. What are some of the factors that influence teenagers to heel to peer pressure? Curiosity Problem in the home Sense Of identity lack of parental control 9. Have you been pressured to partake in substance abuse? 10. At what age does peer pressure normally begins? 13 15 17 16 11 . Why do parents try to prevent their child/children from getting involved in peer pressure??

Negative Influences Emotional Abuse Drug Abuse Unprotected Sexual Intercourse 12. Would you appreciate a counseling session? NO 13. What level Of peer pressure do you think is in your school? High Moderate Low presentation for Data Collection It was calculated that a sample of 30% was necessary in order to ensure accurate conclusion on the factors that are contributing to peer pressure. (30% of 75=26). A total of 1 5 questionnaires were prepared for distribution to my community. It was expected that at least 8 questionnaires would be returned.

Approximately 25 teenager lives in my community and 15 questionnaires were distributed at random selection to girls and boys. The remaining ten (10) teenagers would get a chance to answer the questions provided. Presentation of Data A total Of fifteen (15) questionnaires were distributed to my community and all fifteen were returned. Of the results 45% who were girls are most likely to face peer pressure in the community while only 55% of the boys faced peer pressure. Pie-chart showing the causes of peer pressure in my community. The pie-chart showing the percentage of effects of peer pressure among teenagers in my community.

Shown in the pie-chart 60% of girls became lesbians, 20% of teens were pressured into smoking another 20% of girls became pregnant. Analysis and Interpretation of Data Most of the boys and girls in my area of Savvies Gardens community the Asia is equal. However girls face stronger task of peer pressure among girls is 55% and boys at 45% of facing peer pressure in the data presented. In the table that 32% have negative influence that parents try hard to prevent, which is being the highest rate in peer pressure. A survey was also carried out to see what the persons in the community think of the level of peer pressure amongst teenagers.

Approximately 90 of the teenagers in the community have been living there for almost all their lives. And the level of peer pressure had increase about 60% over the years. Due to the fact that they are maturing r getting developed, its the highest level of peer pressure among teens. Teenagers are mostly pressured by parents, peers and society. It feels unfair to them as teenagers. So they take up the responsibilities of an adult. The survey among that the level of peer pressure had increased over the years and since they are mature; they face more difficulties than before.

Statement of Findings The survey has revealed the number Of teenagers that face peer pressure in my community. In my community the highest ranking cause of peer pressure in my community is sexual promiscuity and the second highest is juvenile leniency. The factors that influences teenagers to be pressured easily in my community are sexual involvement and criminal activities and lack of potential control. Overall in my community sexual activities are the main course of peer pressure among main teenagers in my community.

Recommendation and Implementation believe that teenagers must kick into the society and try and control what happen in their everyday lives, and the pressure they face, try and prevent the causes and factors. The researcher recommends that teenagers result to counseling and try to avoid all possible. The researcher has a strong belief hat the pressure faced by teenagers face the most pressure but they can be avoided by the method of ignoring the fact and try to control what is going on in there everyday life and the hormones that are involved in the process.

Both teenagers and parents need to come together and understand the pressure and try to control it at all times. The researcher would try and have a relation session among the teenager in her community and see how they will try and solve their issue of peer pressure.

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