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At the end of the course, students will be able to: have a clear understanding of the development and present geography of Toronto and its surrounding areas assess how the city has grown and expanded through time analytically critique past and present planning decisions within the city space understand the interrelation between the city and its inner and outer suburbs analyze how and why different identity groups (homeless, people with disabilities, ethnic groups, LIGHT people, etc. Have occupied and appropriated certain city spaces Required Texts: Reading material is a combination of books’ chapters that re found in the Customized Manual (the Manual can be purchased at the Reason Bookstore) and journals’ articles available through the Reason Library. Additional material will be posted on Blackboard. Teaching Method: Lecture Posting of Grades: Blackboard.

Course Evaluation: Course Component Weight Due Date Assignment 1 26 January Assignment 2 (1000 words) 23 February Assignment 3 (1000 words) 20% 23 March Mid-term examination (MS questions) 9 February Final Examination (MS questions) 35% Exam period Every effort will be made to return assignments and mid-term exam within 2 weeks. Assignment 1: For this assignment, students simply require to visit the City of Toronto website at http://van. Ml . Toronto. Ca/WAP/portal/ contentions? Vegetation=8e3032dOb6d 1 eye Pogo VS. 10000071 diffract and select one Business Improvement Area (BIB).

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Students are required to clearly indicate the geographic boundaries of the area, where the area is located within the city (northeast, southwest, etc. ) and provide a map of the area. Students should make sure of selecting a BIB that they can visit regularly throughout the term since all remaining fieldwork assignments will be conducted in the selected area. Make sure to submit 2 copies Of assignment 1: one copy will be returned to you With comments, while the other copy will be retained by the course director. Assignments 2 and 3: Each Assignment is around 1000 words (Max 1 1 00, min 900) and must be double-spaced.

Use 12-size font. Assignments are fieldwork exercises: they MUST be based on your direct observations rather than library/internet research. You can reference course material only in the final reflections on your findings. Please remember to indicate the word count at the end of the assignment. Objective: Throughout a critical analysis, you are expected to demonstrate an understanding of two different aspects of the geography of Toronto. You are also required to show an active engagement with the subject and be able to formulate an original perspective on it.

The goal of these exercises is to “get out there” and examine first-hand how life in the city is shaped and affected by the constant interaction between place and the people who inhabit it. In each assignment, you will explore some of the themes discussed in the course using information from everyday experience. Assignments should be written in a report format If in the final reflections you decide to quote or paraphrase other scholars, you MUST provide references MOST IMPORTANT THING: Tell me what you think, your opinion matters!

How to proceed: For Assignment 2, the first step is ‘to get out there”: you must physically reach the BIB selected in Assignment 1 and dine in one of its restaurants. In your report you must indicate: a) name of the venue; b) exact location; c) day and time of your visit; d) whether it is a franchise or independent restaurant; e) its external appearance; f) its internal appearance; g) the approximate number of staff at the time of your visit; h) he approximate number of costumers at the time of you visit; I) the menu and the average price of starters, entrees, and drinks; j) the treatment you received.

Once you have all the information, you are expected to draw some conclusions on the venue with respect to the clientele it caters to and whether or not, in your opinion, it is a good fit for the BIB where it is located. You might take pictures if useful to substantiate your argument (I do not want website pictures, only pictures taken by you). For Assignment 3, you will discuss transportation in the BIB selected in assignment 1 . The first step is to sit the area (indicate in the report the day and time of your visit.

Depending on the BIB, you might need to visit the area multiple times; if so, please indicate all times and dates) and look around. Answer the following questions: a) is the area a trafficked one? B) What is the most used form of transportation? C) How many cars are circulating in the area? D) How many buses? E) Are there subway stops, streetcar routes, bike lanes (and if so, how many? )? F) How many people are walking the streets?

Finally, in the conclusion of your report, with reference to course reading material, you will reflect on Seibel changes and improvements (if any) that would made the commute easier, more affordable, and more environmental friendly. Grammar and Style: Before submitting your work, please make sure that you have conducted a spell and grammar check in word, and strictly followed the page limits. In order to write a good assignment, it is not enough to follow the instruction and have thoughtful arguments, you also need to present the material in a clear and organized fashion.

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