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The goal is to make the transformation process both efficient (low-cost, fast) and effective (providing value to the customer). This course considers both service and manufacturing operations, which are both important in today’s economy. The focus in managing services leans more toward customer satisfaction and the customer’s experience, while manufacturing focuses more on efficiency and product quality. Improvements in manufacturing productivity over the last 70 years are largely responsible for the standard of living we enjoy.

Currently services account for approximately 75% of the jobs in this country, and companies are increasingly using high quality service to gain a competitive advantage. Both qualitative and quantitative tools are used to suggest answers to management challenges. The solutions these tools give should always be tempered by management judgment. Course Materials Text: Higher & Render, Operations Management, Custom Edition for Brock University, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2014 Recommended: purchase text with access to anomaly. anomaly is optional but highly recommended.

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It can be obtained in one f 3 ways: Purchase a new copy of the text at the Brock bookstore – includes a free access code. Purchase an e-text at the Brock bookstore – includes a free access code. This is much lower cost than a new hard copy book, but expires after 4 months. If you obtain a text by other means then you can purchase access to myopia on the Pearson website when you first login – this is about the same cost as the e-text Option. Case package: TO be purchased at the bookstore. Course Notes: There will be notes and information on Assai.

Course Format and Evaluation GRADING Late assignments, projects & reports will not be accepted. At least 10% of the grade for every hand-in will be for spelling, grammar and clarity of writing. Therefore, if English is not your first language it is strongly recommended that you use MS Word’s spelling and grammar check and the FOB’s online language assistance program at http://brocks. Ca/business/ accreditations/assurance/writing. In addition, a proof-reading service is now available to all Goodman students for free.

Please visit the Goodman Proof- reading ASSAI site you are now registered on in order to read the policy and understand submission dates and retrieval procedures. It is highly recommended you use this service In order to achieve greater comprehension of your own writing abilities and increase final assignment grades. Taking exams at times other than those scheduled will only be permitted under extreme circumstances, and then only if you contact the instructor before the exam is taken by the class. NOTE: Last day for withdrawal from Winter half-credit courses without the assignment of a grade is March 6, 2015.

LEARNING In-class learning will include lectures, case discussions, videos, exercises, and detent participation. You are responsible to be aware of everything said in class, including announcements; if you need to miss a class, be sure to get the information and notes from someone else. You may find it helpful to bring your text to class when we discuss the chapter material. An important element of this course is teamwork. You will be a part of a team for the TRAP report.

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