Summary of Results, Reaction, and Study Plan Assignment

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Visual but nonverbal learner is a person who learn knowledge by watching diagrams and pictures. According to the “4 Learning styles” document, the document writes that a visual but nonverbal learner “understand and retain information well by looking at pictures, diagrams and charts. ” Based on this quotation, it seems reasonable that visual but nonverbal learner should looks more picture and diagrams in order to understand the knowledge. Also, these type of people can understand and remember more knowledge by observing pictures and films.

Further, Auditory learner is a person who learn knowledge by listen or discuss the knowledge with other person. According to the “4 Learning styles” document, the document writes that an auditory learner can “master new information by listening then repeating or discussing ideas with others,” Based n this quotation, it seems reasonable that these type to people understand the knowledge by talking to other person. For example, a student learns knowledge by asking teacher question, he or she is an auditory learner.

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Finally, tactile- kinesthesia learner is a person learn knowledge by experiment, According to the “4 Learning styles” document, the document writes, a tactile-kinesthesia learner “enjoy working with their hands; want to touch and feel everything& Based on this quotation, it seems reasonable that these type of people learn knowledge by doing and participate on the work Poor example, in science class, a person who earn knowledge by doing the experiment, he or she is a tactile-kinesthesia learners. I kind disagree to the result of the Learning Preference Survey because I do not think that am a verbal learners. As very surprise to the result Of the Learning preference survey because I hate reading, and do not like to do any reading unless the reading is assign from the teacher; moreover, need to read it because the teacher may give us the pop quiz. However, fall asleep every time when reading bunch of articles. Usually just go searching the summary on internet rather than reading whole novel or book which my English teacher signs to me. Do not sure that am a verbal learner; nonetheless, think that my learning style is kind between visual but nonverbal learning style and auditory learning style. Seed to have a Physics teacher teaches his class in verbal way. He always gave us an experimental handout, and he let us reading its handout and doing the experiment by ourselves. I ultimately failed this class because I had no idea to What was reading and doing. However, I retake Physics again, and this time, have an instructor teaches his class in visual and auditory ways. He lectured the knowledge to the students before letting the student ongoing the experiment, and student listened to his lecture carefully, so we will do much better on experiment.

The instructor were lecturing the knowledge can demonstrate that its teaching style is auditory; moreover, he showed the student how to do the experiment, so we students could picture him doing the experiment first; then, we can do the experiments more accurate and easier. Students were picturing instructor’s doing can demonstrate its teaching style is visual but nonverbal. Finally, not only passed this class but also got a good in the class. Based on my personal experience, it seems reasonable that my earning style is more visual and auditory than verbal learning style. M more enjoyable listening and picturing teachers teaching during the class than reading a lot of articles by myself, Visual and verbal learner can understand knowledge by reading and picturing, According to the result of the Learning Preference Survey, the data support of the Learning Preference Survey shows that am a visual and verbal learner; therefore, in order to improve my grade in school and make myself learns the knowledge more quickly and clearly, I need to plan a successfully study strategies.

First, need to start reading the handout which the instructor give o me, and more importantly, I need to not only read the handouts but also understand the meaning of it, and in order to do this, must not fall asleep when reading a lot Of information. Second, need to take the class note very carefully; also, I need to summaries the note to make sure that I understand the note, and if do not get the note, I should ask the instructor as soon as possible; moreover, need to define the vocabulary by my own word. And to do so, should make the vocabulary card to make sure understand those vocabulary.

Last, should write down any oral instruction which is important in order to support for the assignment to have a visual aid and to done the assignment well. Moreover, I should write down the information that I do not get it and make sure myself understand those information by researching or asking instructor. Think I can do better in almost any class if I follow this successfully study strategies because this strategies is the best strategies tort the visual and verbal learner to learn the knowledge as fast and understandable as possible, I think if I plan and continually follow this study strategies, can possibly do well in the class.

This study strategies will help me do well on exams and help me learn more knowledge. Furthermore, in order to do well on the exam and learn the best knowledge as possible, think that should have a good sleep in order to let myself be consciousness; therefore, my mind is clearer to remember and understand the knowledge. PERCEPTUAL LEARNING PREFERENCES SURVEY Last Name Lila Date 9/23/2013 First Name lacked (Quo Huh) DIRECTIONS: This survey has been designed to help you and purr teachers better understand the ways you prefer to learn. Think about your most recent school experiences while you read each of the following statements.

Then place a check mark (V ) on the response line which most accurately describes how you earn. 1. I can remember most of the information I have heard in a lecture or class discussion without taking notes. 2. I learn more by reading about a topic than by listening to a lecture or a class discussion. 3. Learn more about a subject when use my hands to make or draw something. 4. When I study new material, I learn more easily by looking over visual aids in a chapter such as charts and illustrations than by reading the assigned pages. 5.

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